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Zoe Also Known as Zoe Dirt

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Q: What’s your full name?
A: Zoe

Q: Tell us about yourself.
A: I am a social butterfly and am known as the neighborhood greeter. I say hello to early-morning walkers, kids going to school and the occasional dog walker.

Q: What’s your favorite vacation spot?
A: I would love to go on a cruise! My parents took me on a boat once and I absolutely LOVED it!

Q: And if you go along?
A: Because I am so social, I would make friends in no time! I would hit up the themed party nights, go dancing, lounge by the pool and eat as much as I could.

Q: What’s your favorite place to play/roam/walk?
A: I love my neighborhood and all of the people in it and they love me! I am kinda a big deal so I often get treats from early-morning walkers and kiddos.

Q: Do you have a guilty pleasure?
A: I love a good roll on my back in the dirt, hence the nickname Zoe Dirt.

Q: Are you ever a naughty kitty?
A: Sometimes I whine to go outside, only to eat a ton of grass and throw it all up on our “Welcome” door mat.

Q: What’s your feline obsession?
A: Someone turning on a water faucet so I can drink the slowly dripping water at my leisure.

Q: What’s your favorite treat?
A: Any people food! Sneak it all, pizza, hamburgers, chicken, you name it, I’ll eat it! I also like duck and fish from my family’s hunting and fishing adventures.

Q: Where do you go for pampering?
A: I am not a fancy gal so a quick roll in the grass, dirt or sidewalk is all the pampering I need.

Q: What else should we know about you?
A: I love my family and being around them. I am almost 17 years old. I had a sister named Stella who passed away last year; she was opposite of my personality but also my
best friend.

Q: Where were you born?
A: I was born here in Lodi and adopted with my sister at a few months old from Robinson’s Feed in 2006.

Q: Who are your human parents?
A: Clayton, Krysta, Parker and Cooper Pleyte.