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Make Your Kitchen Pretty

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If you enjoy your makeup as much as the next lady (pass the red lipstick, please!), you won’t have trouble picturing your kitchen cabinetry the same way. Adding the right amount of the right color(s) can bring out your kitchen’s best features, set the tone of the space, and energize everyone who enters.

While white, black or natural wood finishes are still excellent options, what if you went on the wild side? From deep jewel palettes to earthy hues, your kitchen cabinetry is a masterpiece waiting to happen.

Our skilled interior design team can help you determine the best cabinetry layout, color and hardware selections for your home, preventing overwhelm or regret on your part and keeping your kitchen makeover just as it should be: stress free.

Paint Just the Island
If you aren’t willing to commit to a bold color palette, we suggest leaving your wall cabinets black or white and painting just your island. You could opt for a safe neutral, such as gray, or even a deep green or rich navy. 

Because islands are used heavily for food prep and quick meals, they tend to get smudged or nicked faster than other parts of your kitchen. Painting your island a rich color will hide these imperfections with ease and create a stylish statement in your kitchen.

Interest for the Minimalist
If your modern kitchen has sleek cabinetry and minimal hardware, you might be concerned that your space will end up looking bland, a little too vanilla for your Neapolitan flair.

In this situation, we suggest pairing a classic neutral and an earthy color for two-toned beauty. This will add depth and interest to your space without deviating from your minimal or modern aesthetic.

Aim for Maximum Color
Why play it safe when you were born to be wild? If you love a neutral backsplash, you can pair it easily with bold, painted cabinets. To avoid making your kitchen look dated in a few years, we suggest using natural, earthy colors such as deep green, rich navy, olive, and other similar hues.

Paint the upper and lower cabinets the same color. The uniformity will increase the perceived height of your walls and make your kitchen feel more spacious and streamlined while still packing a punch of pure character.

Pair old and new.
Even the most modern home designs are more inclusive of antique pieces, which lend a worldly and well-traveled vibe without interrupting the flow.

Change the details.
Adding or swapping out the cabinet pulls and knobs in your kitchen is an easy way to upgrade your style in a day. The design is truly in the details.

By: Kathleen Jennison

Breathtaking kitchens, show-stopping master suites, and swoon-worthy living rooms are all in a day’s work for Certified Interior Designer Kathleen Jennison. She specializes in helping creative, stylish homeowners take their spaces from basic and bland to beautiful, functional and truly unique. Starting with a brand-new home? Kathleen and her team will take away the stress, worry and decision overload and help you make first-rate selections every step of the way. Remodeling your existing place? She’s got you covered there, too; her award-winning combination of wisdom, experience and fabulous taste will turn your big vision into reality while saving you from costly mistakes. With her extensive credentials, including a bachelor’s degree in interior design and business administration, and stunning portfolio of past projects, Kathleen Jennison is the accomplished designer you’ve been looking for. 

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