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Furnishing Your Home, Start to Finish!

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“Should I furnish my entire home at once?” I’m asked this often, and almost always, my answer is a wholehearted yes.

Of course, selecting furniture for your home can be overwhelming, and doing it piecemeal might be tempting. But today, I’m sharing the benefits of furnishing your entire home at the same time, along with our process The Meticulous Method that supports you along the way.

The Benefits
Creating a furnishing plan for your whole home simultaneously will ensure that your space logically flows from room to room and feels cohesive in character. The best part? Once your project is done, it’s really done. You can move on with your life, your routines, and get back to entertaining guests in a freshly furnished home that you’re proud of.

A special client of ours did exactly this when she sold her home of 40+ years and moved into a new, modern house in Manteca, shown above. She took almost nothing with her and embarked on a brand-new start. As a result, we were able to infuse her personality seamlessly into her new home by furnishing it all at once, a thrilling and life-changing experience!

Alternatively, there may be a time when investment goals do not allow for a whole-home project to be completed at once. That’s okay! There is a thoughtful way to design and furnish room by room while still keeping the home cohesive. We completed this family home in Ripon in stages, and the results are a gorgeous home that flows effortlessly.

The common denominator between both projects? A thoughtful plan and our meticulous process, one that delivers on both style and function. Let’s take a look at the steps involved.

Step 1: Plan and Assess Your Needs
We want to be confident that the furnishings we choose for your home will function well and fit in their intended places, so taking careful measurements and creating a detailed floor plan for each room is a must. During this part of the process, we’ll ask detailed questions to discover your goals and how you intend to use each space.

Once the layout of your home is firmly on paper, we’ll make a list of all the items needed to furnish each room from the floor up, everything from rugs to chandeliers. Of course, you may have existing furnishings or heirlooms you want to keep, too. If this is the case, we’ll thoughtfully consider how to cohesively incorporate them into your new design.
With a clear plan and your goals in mind, we can move confidently onto the next step.

Step 2: Discover Your Aesthetic
Now, it’s your turn. The lines are often blurred between traditional, contemporary and modern style, so we can’t simply ask, “What’s your design style?” We need to see what you love to truly grasp your vision for your home.

If you haven’t started a Pinterest board of home furnishings already, it’s time to create one. Begin by adding any inspirational photos of homes and items that you love so our team can begin to understand your aesthetic. This is a critical part of the process to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Step 3: Design Your Space
We’ll take the reins from here and work behind the scenes to create a design for your home aligned with your personal aesthetic, ensuring that the flow from one room to the next feels natural and intentional. Our goal is for you to clearly visualize your beautiful space and imagine living there. To do this, we’ll present detailed illustrations, including a floor plan, elevations, 3D perspectives and color renderings.

Our expert team will utilize your Pinterest board to create personalized style guides so you can clearly see the overall design concept for your home. These guides will include pictures of every item we plan to order, as well as samples of all textiles, woods and any other finishes.

After you review our comprehensive design plan, we can work together to fine-tune any aspect of the design until you are happy, confident and ready to move to the exciting next step.

Step 4: Procurement
Placing orders can sometimes feel like yet another overwhelming and time-consuming process. Thankfully, our team will handle everything for you. We will:
• Communicate specific measurements and finishes to vendors
• Manage everything involved with placing the orders
• Expedite any order to keep the timeline in forward motion
• Manage, track and receive each order
• Carefully inspect every piece upon delivery
• Store each item until final installation

Interior designers have access to trade vendors and manufacturers that homeowners do not. When you work with a design team, you directly benefit from those relationships and connections when ordering furnishings, in exclusive access, customization and quality of service. Having us handle this part of the process will also be a huge weight off your shoulders!

Step 5: Installation & Reveal
It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for, installation day. Excitement abounds as your brand-new items enter your home, and our team brings the vision to life. For the full effect, we’ll add in a few extra styling items that you can choose to purchase after seeing them in your home.

When installation is complete, we’ll invite you to walk through your new, gorgeously furnished home for the final reveal. All of our careful planning leads to this moment when you experience your space filled with items chosen and created just for you.

Can you imagine anything more wonderful? Welcome home.

Enjoying Your Beautifully Furnished Home
There is simply nothing like being surrounded by stunning furnishings that have been intentionally curated to create a cohesive, personal home that finally feels complete.

If you’re ready to furnish your home with gorgeous pieces chosen specifically for you, we’d love to help. Give us and call and let’s discuss your goals.

Breathtaking kitchens, show-stopping master suites, and swoon-worthy living rooms are all in a day’s work for Certified Interior Designer Kathleen Jennison. She specializes in helping creative, stylish homeowners take their spaces from basic and bland to beautiful, functional and truly unique. Starting with a brand-new home? Kathleen and her team will take away the stress, worry and decision overload and help you make first-rate selections every step of the way. Remodeling your existing place? She’s got you covered there, too; her award-winning combination of wisdom, experience and fabulous taste will turn your big vision into reality while saving you from costly mistakes. With her extensive credentials, including a bachelor’s degree in interior design and business administration, and stunning portfolio of past projects, Kathleen Jennison is the accomplished designer you’ve been looking for.

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