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Laser Derm Med Spa: “We’re Laser Focused on Laser Hair Removal!”

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With spring break, summer and weddings on the horizon, now is a great time to add laser hair removal to your self-care regimen. The team at Laser Derm Med Spa is “laser focused on laser hair removal,” said Eric Leiker, CEO of Laser Derm Med Spa. “Even though it sounds cliché, laser hair removal truly can change your life by increasing your self-confidence.” He has done more than 100,000 treatments in more than 15 years as a provider. He’s worked with people from every sphere of life, and he’s been on the receiving end of hugs and happy tears of satisfied patients.

“Patients return because of the top-notch customer service and affordable prices,” he said. If removing unwanted hair is on your to-do list, schedule an appointment through the Laser Derm Med Spa website or call today, and learn first-hand how Laser Derm Med Spa sets themselves apart from the competition.

The Laser Derm Med Spa Difference
“We differentiate ourselves by focusing exclusively on laser hair removal without contracts, packages or high-pressure sales,” Eric noted. Clearly stated pricing and information about specials can be found on the Laser Derm Med Spa website.

The family-owned business has become a local fixture at 75th Street and Quivira Road in Shawnee with 20 years in business. It has evolved over time from a med spa with many services to one focused solely on laser hair removal. “Since 2020, Laser Derm Med Spa has invested in 10 top-of-the-line Cynosure lasers,” Eric recounted. “With multiple lasers, we have the ability to customize treatments based on skin tone and hair type.” In addition to staying on top of laser hair removal technology, he and his wife, Kaitlyn, director of clinical training, have grown their staff to 25 including over a dozen certified registered nurses with 100 percent retention. With so much growth, they’ve renovated their space to meet the needs of their burgeoning business.

“We’re different from other businesses in our field because we’re here to educate our patients, not sell services. For instance, did you know the darker and coarser the hair, the more effective laser hair treatments are?” Eric said, “If you’re not an ideal candidate, we’ll be up front with you.” However, for those who choose to proceed with laser hair removal, Eric explained, “Most patients do the complimentary consultation and start their treatment on the same visit without the inconvenience of multiple trips to the office.” This is one example of how Eric, Kaitlyn and the Laser Derm Med Spa family work together to make their patients happy.

Professional Staff, Accredited Providers
“I am very proud of the culture at our office,” Eric said. “We know in order to take care of our patients, we need to take care of our staff. They are the direct connection to our patients. If our staff are happy, our patients are going to be satisfied and happy as well. We’re blessed to have a lot of five-star Google reviews including comments on how friendly and welcoming we are.”

Laser Derm Med Spa’s providers are highly skilled. “We pride ourselves on hiring RNs exclusively as our treatment providers,” said Eric. “The person who is doing your consultation at the beginning will continue to do your treatments throughout the course of your series here unless you’d prefer another provider. The treatment rooms are no-judgment zones, and you will build rapport with your provider over time.”

Get Wedding Ready
Laser Derm Med Spa is offering a few specials to help the bride- and groom-to-be and anyone who wants to get beach ready. “I think most women would love to not have to shave while on their honeymoon or worry about ingrown hairs or razor bumps,” Eric said. “It typically takes five to nine sessions for the best results because of your hairs’ growth cycles. Each time you come back in, it’s a whole different group of hairs that are growing. That’s the reason for multiple sessions. You’ll shave the day of your treatment, then it’ll take about two weeks for that little hair root to fall out. For the next two weeks you’ll likely have very little, if any, hair until another couple of weeks goes by and a new hair cycle grows in.”
Visit Laser Derm Med Spa and say goodbye to your razor!

Call 913-962-1869 or visit to schedule your appointment today.

• Beach Ready Special: underarms, full bikini/Brazilian, full legs, linea and feet/toes for $189 per treatment.
• Full Brazilian and underarms for $99 per treatment.
• Guys Special: full back, shoulders, upper arms and posterior neck for $150 per treatment.
• 20 percent off 2 areas or 30 percent off 3 areas.

All listed offers are valid through March 31, 2024. Start treatment and lock in pricing for two years from the date of the first appointment.