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LA Bikini: Sugar Your Way to Permanent Hair Removal

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If you are one of many Kansas Citians planning to remove unwanted body hair, check out LA Bikini in Overland Park. Elizabeth and Jay Mitra, co-owners and spouses, are KC born and raised, and are excited to bring this established brand to the metro. “Our mission statement is to bring sugaring to Kansas City and increase its visibility,” Jay said. “My wife is so passionate about sugaring because she sees the benefits sugaring brings to her clients, and we think this is something Kansas City needs.” Elizabeth added, “I looked into a lot of different franchises when I was on the hunt for a sugaring business, and I was drawn to LA Bikini for their exclusivity to sugaring. I wanted to focus on one thing and do it well.”

Sugaring: Ancient Method, Growing Trend
“The ancient Egyptians used sugaring for hair removal,” Jay said. Sugaring is the process by which sugar, lemon and water are mixed into a paste. The paste is warmed to body temperature and applied to the desired area against the direction of the hair growth. The paste is then removed in short flicking motions in the opposite direction. “People are starting to come to the realization that this ancient sugar technique, which is all natural, is more effective and safer for the skin than other modern methods,” he continued.

“With sugaring, we get down into the hair follicle and remove it from the root,” Elizabeth said. “We recommend you come in every two to three weeks and have your hair length no longer than a grain of rice. With that schedule, you’ll see permanent hair loss more quickly. You’re going to see less hair growing back and that it’s lighter in color over time.” Additionally, clients love how their skin feels. Elizabeth agreed. “Sugaring is an amazing treatment for the skin. It exfoliates, leaving you feeling unbelievably smooth because the paste, which is water soluble, only sticks to the hair and dead skin cells and cannot stick to the living skin cells. So, the skin is left refreshed.”

Why LA Bikini?
LA Bikini is the brand name of the business, and “what we call a Brazilian,” Elizabeth explained. A Brazilian, or in this case an LA Bikini, includes removing all of a woman’s pubic hair in addition to any hair on her upper thighs and derriere. But that’s not all they do. “We go head to toe. You can do pretty much any body part, we just don’t do anything under men’s underwear,” she said.
“We are a brick and mortar that exclusively does sugaring using Alexandria Professional® sugar,” Jay added. Elizabeth continued, “I am a certified sugarist in addition to being an aesthetician. I have specialized training in Alexandria Professional products and their proprietary sugaring techniques.”

“I think what’s important about LA Bikini’s mission statement is that they focus on female confidence and empowerment,” said Jay. “I know my wife liked the idea of being a female business owner with a franchise that’s focused on female empowerment. We do offer services to men, but we’re definitely geared toward women.”

“LA Bikini really focuses on the customer experience, making sure it’s great from the second you walk in the door to the time that you leave,” Elizabeth said. “I love that about the business as well.”

Free Treatment for First-Time Clients
If you’d like to try sugaring, first-time clients are offered one of four free treatments at LA Bikini in Overland Park. “For all first-time clients, we offer a bikini line, underarm, lip or brow service for free for first-time clients,” said Jay. “We’re more than willing to let you try it for free, ask all the questions you want, and experience the difference.” “We know once you experience it, you’ll love it,” added Elizabeth.

“We have a client who drives to Overland Park from Topeka. She lived somewhere previously that had an LA Bikini and when we opened, she found us on the internet and was like, ‘I’m willing to drive every month to you guys. That’s how much I love sugar,’” Jay relayed. “That stood out to me immediately because of the impression it made on her.”

Schedule an Appointment Today
LA Bikini is conveniently located at the northeast corner of 135th Street and Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park. They are open Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Schedule your appointment today by calling the office or visiting their website. Enjoy your first free treatment and let Elizabeth and Jay make a positive impression on you too.

Learn more at or call 913-905-5777.