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Imaging for Women:Treating Patients Like Family

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If you need medical imaging, it can be anxiety-inducing regardless of the reason. From routine pregnancy sonograms to unexpected breast imaging and mammograms, every patient deserves to be treated with care. At Imaging for Women, that’s exactly how Dr. Alison Zupon and Dr. Troy Voeltz approach their patients.

“We are creating a medical home for women to get their breast care where we know you, we treat you like family, and we’re here to answer any questions,” Dr. Zupon said. Dr. Voeltz added, “We treat them as we would want to be treated, or if we had a family member coming in, how we’d want them treated.” Drs. Voeltz and Zupon are joined by the Imaging for Women team to welcome you and care for your medical imaging needs.

Right for You
“We’re highly trained, specialized breast physicians. We provide comprehensive services, including mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies,” Dr. Zupon said. We’re different from other places that provide imaging,” Dr. Voeltz shared, “We have only breast-fellowship-trained radiologists, meaning that after our residency program, we did an additional year of training at a university in their breast center where that is all we did day in and day out, and that’s what we have done daily since leaving that fellowship. So, you are truly getting a different level of care at Imaging for Women.

“All of our doctors make ourselves available to talk to the patient, which sets us apart from other groups. Additionally, we complete the entire exam including any additional pictures and sometimes even a biopsy if needed all in the same day,” Dr. Voeltz continued. “We’re using the same equipment as hospitals, and we have the same level of specialty training. We just do it faster, more efficiently and at a significant decrease in cost to the patient.”

“Patients have a lot of choice for where they go for their annual screening mammogram,” Dr. Zupon said. “You don’t need to call your doctor’s office or go see your regular doctor to get an order to have an annual mammogram to screen for breast cancer.” At Imaging for Women, you can walk in or make an appointment and avoid the anxiety of waiting days for your mammogram results. “That’s really surprising to patients and it’s very comforting to them because even most patients who need extra views still don’t have breast cancer, and then you’ve spent a week worrying about it,” she added.

Saving Lives One Patient at a Time
Imaging for Women throws a party every year for their breast cancer survivors because saving a life is always worth celebrating. Dr. Zupon shared a story about not one but two survivors. “I had a patient come to us for a biopsy because she had multiple allergies and sensitivities and the practice where she had initially been seen couldn’t accommodate her. We figured it out and performed her biopsy.” Her results showed she had cancer.

“Her daughter was with her and mentioned an area that the daughter felt had been dismissed by another doctor. We imaged her that day and did a biopsy. She also had breast cancer,” Dr. Zupon said. “I got to see them both for their appointments a year after their surgeries and they’re doing great. In any other practice setting, I would not have been able to sit down with the patient and her family and then immediately pivot to take care of the daughter, who was very scared.” At Imaging for Women, Dr. Zupon was able to help both women.

Dr. Voeltz also had a compelling story to share. “This is not a breast cancer story,” he said. “A doctor’s office called with a young woman who was having pelvic pain, a positive pregnancy test and a few other concerns. If they sent her to the ER, they weren’t sure how long she would have to wait. We leave some appointment slots open every day, which this doctor knew. We had her drive right over.” Dr. Voeltz conducted a sonogram. “It turned out that she had an ectopic pregnancy,” a medical emergency that requires immediate care. “I was able to call a physician in a nearby hospital’s emergency room, tell them everything and get the patient sent out the door immediately. She walked right in and they were able to take care of her. A few weeks later, she came back with an emotional, heartfelt thank you. That was a really rewarding case and it’s the reason we allow for emergency appointments and for people to walk in as life throws things at them.”

If you need medical imaging or bone density testing, reach out to Imaging for Women today to schedule an appointment, or simply stop by their convenient location at 169 Highway and NW Englewood Road. The Imaging for Women team looks forward to seeing you.

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