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Romanelli Optix: Luxury European Eyewear, Personalized Service

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Seeing clearly is a gift. If you’re like many people, you or someone you know needs or uses eyeglasses to correct their vision. The mission of Romanelli Optix is “to provide excellent European eyewear that looks amazing while providing customized service and filing your glasses prescription with the best lenses.” Roman Beznovsky, co-owner of Romanelli Optix, said, “We carry a wide selection of the finest and most exclusive collections of European luxury eyewear. We specialize in fitting all faces, no matter the shape or size. We help you select eyewear tailored to you while taking into consideration your prescription needs, your complexion, your work environment, your leisure activities and your personal style.” Roman and the Romanelli Optix team of opticians welcome you to visit one of their three locations to fill your next vision prescription.

Family-Owned, 20+ Years in KC
“Romanelli Optix started over 20 years ago to sell the most high-end, exclusive and extensive collections of European luxury eyewear,” Roman said. “Romanelli Optix is a family-owned business. Felix, my first cousin and business partner, and I started this business together.” Before launching Romanelli Optix, “Felix and I both worked for other optical shops in the Kansas City metro area where we learned the trade and craft. We realized that there’s much more to it that we could add. The owners of the places that we worked for weren’t interested, and we just branched out on our own. We began building our business in 1999 and Romanelli Optix was founded in 2004.” Although located in Kansas City, he said, “we likely have the most extensive collection of European luxury eyewear from coast to coast.”

Romanelli Optix Difference
Romanelli Optix carries sought-after luxury brands from Bugatti to Cartier, from Chanel to Dior, from Celine to Versace, and much more. In addition to their robust and varied eyewear collection, “We’re like a pharmacy for high-end European luxury eyewear. You bring in an eyeglass prescription from any eye doctor and we fill it, but what makes us different is that we do all our finishing lab work, cutting, mounting, drilling, polishing and tinting in our own lab. Each piece of eyewear gets the time and attention it deserves, which ensures you get the best finished product within a week,” Roman said. “Most of our lenses are impact-resistant, high index lenses that are digitally surfaced to give you the clearest vision with vibrant colors and best focus from distance to reading and intermediate zones. Additionally, our lenses come with all the coatings available in the optical industry, which includes a scratch-resistant coating, UV protection and the highest-grade anti-reflection coating.”

Romanelli Optix offers excellent European collections. “We focus only on eyeglasses, eyewear and sun wear,” Roman added. “All Romanelli Optix staff are licensed opticians who do everything from filling prescriptions, adjusting, cleaning and repairing eyeglasses to selling eyeglasses and lenses. We also help our customers funnel down their decision to what’s going to work best by their style, look and feel, color and how they envision themselves being in the pair of eyeglasses.” This personalized assistance is yet another way Romanelli Optix sets themselves apart.

Protect Your Eyes
“I want you to see the best that you possibly can and to protect your eyes,” stated Roman. “There’s nothing more important than getting a dedicated pair of polarized sunglasses with the appropriate coatings, to not only protect your eyes, but protect that skin around your eyes.” It helps that there are some great trends in sunglasses. “Doing a bigger sunglass that fits appropriately that you’re going to enjoy wearing will benefit you tremendously. Now that everybody is on phones and screens, your eyes get fatigued a lot easier. Eyeglasses absolutely reduce fatigue and stress.” Reducing fatigue and stress means being a little bit happier, especially if you get compliments on your glasses.

Three Unique Locations
Although the entire Romanelli Optix luxury European collection is available at each of their three locations, “each store has its own flavor due to the neighborhood it’s placed in. For example, the Leawood store has a little bit more upscale product like Chrome Hearts, Cartier and Celine,” Roman added. “The Overland Park store in Hawthorn Plaza has a mix of higher-end product as well as stuff that’s pretty eclectic. And the one in Waldo/Brookside has even more eclectic product that’s more fun with color and shapes and a little bit more unique.”

Visit Romanelli Optix Leawood, Roe Avenue and 135th Street; Brookside/Waldo, 71st Street and Wornall Road; Overland Park, just west of Roe Avenue at 119th Street, with your vision prescription to find your perfect pair of European eyewear.

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