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Jenkins Dentistry for Kids: Designed to Provide an Exceptional Pediatric Dental Experience

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“My fellow pediatric dentists and I cultivate an abundance of joy for both our team and our patients, and we foster an environment where we cultivate authentic connections,” said Dr. Jenkins. She has streamlined her processes over her 20-year career as a pediatric dentist in the Kansas City area. “Still, I continue to look for opportunities to learn and grow, and better serve our patients and their families,” she affirmed. Your child and family will be in experienced, knowledgeable hands with Jenkins Dentistry for Kids.

Caring for the Child
“I think the concept of ‘treating the child, not just their teeth’ is something that we do well,” Dr. Jenkins said. “We take our time to meet your child where they are. We acknowledge any of their fears or anxieties, talk to them on their level, and show them how joyful and positive having a healthy mouth can be.” The entire team, from the pediatric dentists to the hygienists and office staff, cultivate a welcoming environment that sets kids at ease while also encouraging them and their parents “to put the effort in for good home care to motivate kids to come back for good reports.” Dr. Jenkins added, “We make sure that we’re creating a joyful experience in the treatment chair and that the entire patient journey feels joyful and abundant with a lot of points for authentic connection.”

Excellent Experiences
From the moment you walk in the door of Jenkins Dentistry for Kids, you’ll see that it was designed with children and their guardians in mind. “Our front office environment is bright, cheery and fun. In addition to technology and video games, we encourage coloring and other play activities while parents are preoccupied with administrative tasks.” Thoughtful processes and kid-appropriate language are used throughout the visit to set your child at ease. As a case in point, “I once had a patient who needed several teeth removed. He was naturally nervous, but the appointment went really well, and apparently that night at dinner, he explained that he was pain free because, ‘She uses a magic wand with this magic potion that makes your teeth and gums and lips different, so your teeth just start to wiggle. I didn’t even know they fell out!’” Dr. Jenkins laughed and said, “So, the dad called me the next morning to ask if I used something different than the numbing stuff that he was used to. We had a good laugh over his son’s description, but the most important part is how comfortable that child was with his dental experience.”

Jenkins Dentistry for Kids has four board-certified pediatric dentists, which means in addition to the traditional doctoral dental education, they also have a two-year postdoctoral residency focused solely on pediatric patients. All four women graduated from the UMKC School of Dentistry and their residencies were conducted at a variety of universities and hospitals across the Midwest. “As a team, we are constantly getting together and collaborating to make sure that we’re on the same page as far as patient care,” said Dr. Jenkins. “Joy, abundance and authentic connections are our three driving values and every operating procedure and patient relationship goal cycles back to one of those three.”

Giving Back: Lucy’s Kids for Peace
Jenkins Dentistry for Kids is an active partner for the local chapter of Lucy’s Kids for Peace. This organization seeks to create peace through youth leadership, community service, global friendships and thoughtful acts of kindness. Recently, Jenkins Dentistry for Kids participated in the annual Bedtime Project. “Our entire team met an hour before our workday, broke up into groups and shopped for six or seven kids that we sponsored,” Dr. Jenkins shared. “It was a fun team building activity but also a great way to support a good community activity in the Shawnee area.” In addition, earlier in the year they “provided all of the oral health hygiene items to approximately 100 Lucy’s Kids for Peace Shawnee Chapter child participants.” Dr. Jenkins and her team are honored to support the legacy of Lucy and this great local charity.

Dr Jenkins and her team want Jenkins Dentistry for Kids to be the dental home for your child, building an ongoing relationship that includes all aspects of oral healthcare, from regular bi-annual appointments to additional dental needs including referrals to specialists, per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommendations. Jenkins Dentistry for Kids has offices conveniently located in Shawnee near K-7 and Shawnee Mission Parkway and in Lenexa near I-435 and 87th Street.

Visit or call 913-745-2500 to schedule your child’s next dental appointment.