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MK Salon Essentials: New Unique Boutique with Metal Art, Too!

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The team at MK Salon Essentials invites you to visit their convenient location off Pflumm Road and 127th Street in Overland Park to shop in their salon and new unique specialty shop. “We’ve expanded into a boutique where we sell MK Metal Art, which consists of Chiefs-themed metal artwork,” said Krissy Dechant, co-owner and lead stylist of MK Salon Essentials.

“We’re also proud to announce that we’ve been voted the best of top five salons by Shawnee Mission Post readers and we’re in the Best of Kansas City Magazine’s top five salons.” Krissy credits her team and their MK Salon Essentials clients with this honor. “We’re constantly getting referrals. Our salon is growing, my staff are great and experienced, and when somebody comes in, they usually pre-book their next appointment, then tell their friends about us.” Now clients have even more to share because of the unique variety of the MK Salon Essentials store.

New Boutique
In addition to custom hair and skin care products created exclusively for MK Salon Essentials and Krissy’s Dechant Sheer Minerals cosmetic line, the store also boasts Krissy’s latest brand addition of MK Metal Art, a variety of Chiefs-themed metalwork, clothes, pins and other products for local sports teams such as the Royals, KU and K-State. “We wanted something else that our clients could shop and buy, so we decided on MK Metal Art. They’re Kansas City Chiefs yard art items, all made of metal, and they come in various sizes. You can put it in your yard, and some people put it inside their home,” Krissy said. “We also carry some of Taylor Swift’s cosmetic bags when they’re not sold out. We have sweatshirts and T-shirts of Swifties and Kansas City Chiefs as well. We also carry a nice selection of earrings, bracelets and pins.” They offer 14K gold and pure silver permanent jewelry, too.

Another reason to shop MK Salon Essentials? The great hair care, skin care and cosmetic products. “Our MK Salon Essentials exclusive, custom-made hair care products are sulfate-free, vegan, plant-based and paraben-free, and leave your hair looking and feeling wonderful,” said Krissy. “Dechant Sheer Minerals, my cosmetic line, is made in the U.S. according to European standards. We do not have ingredients such as aluminum starch, corn starch or bismuth chloride. Our minerals include Vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract and are a higher grade that helps treat your skin while you’re wearing it.” The MK Salon Essentials Facebook page describes what the store offers.

The MK Salon Essentials Story Continues
Marion Martinez, the M in the MK Salon Essentials name, sent a Facebook wave to Krissy, the K in the salon and boutique’s name, in November 2020. The two immediately hit it off and ultimately decided to open their own salon. “We created a custom hair care product line and opened MK Salon Essentials on May 23, 2022,” Krissy said. Marion chimed in, “And I proposed on Valentine’s Day this year.” “The wedding will be in November,” Krissy added with a smile. It looks like this successful partnership, in business and in love, is reaching new heights. Congratulations to Krissy and Marion on their engagement and their upcoming nuptials.

Visit the salon and boutique on May 23 to help Krissy, Marion and the MK Salon Essentials’ team celebrate their two-year anniversary and check their Facebook page for updates on events and sales.

Advanced Stylists and Happy Customers
“All our stylists are advanced stylists and have been in the industry from 15 to 30 years,” Krissy said. “I’ve been in it for 34 years! So, we’re all pretty experienced.” They also stay up to date on hair styling trends. “What I’m seeing now is women wanting hair extensions that don’t match their hair. They’re making it more of a balayage look. They’re ordering pieces that may highlight their hair, especially if their hair is dark, or they may choose to add some red. Clients like this because they don’t have to damage their own hair by using lightener or dyes.”

As important as your hair, nail and facial wax service is, Krissy, Marion and the MK Salons Essentials team place client happiness at the top of their priority list. “What makes me feel good is making you feel good. Sometimes that means giving a hug or a smile. It’s whatever it takes to make your day feel better,” said Krissy. “We want you to leave our salon and boutique looking and feeling your best.” Stop in today to shop at the boutique and don’t forget to schedule an appointment with one of MK Salon Essentials’ advanced stylists.

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