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New Dawn Flowers: Beautiful Arrangements & Sustainable Practices

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Sending flowers during times of celebration or sympathy is a great way to show how much you care. The next time you want to send a floral arrangement or bouquet, order through New Dawn Flowers for a beautiful, unique arrangement that’s sure to please its recipient. April Murray, co-owner and lead designer of New Dawn Flowers, said, “I feel like making a flower arrangement for someone is kind of like their heart’s prayer to whoever they’re sending the flowers to; it’s really important to me to honor that.” She’s “very passionate about spreading love and joy and whimsy” while “being sustainable and limiting waste as much as possible.”

Men Deserve Flowers Too
“I read one sad statistic that only one in ten men will receive flowers in their lifetime before their funeral,” April said. “There’s this idea that flowers and plants are just for girls and it’s important to remember our male counterparts probably would love a little appreciation too.” According to Medium Magazine, over 50 percent of men would love to receive flowers.

“With Father’s Day this month, it’s a perfect time to give a special man in your life the gift of flowers. In case you’re worried that floral arrangements are too feminine, April said, “There’s a lot of really fun flowers and plants out there that look very masculine and give a cool, tough vibe.”

It All Started with a Corsage
“In January, a kid I know was on a long hold waiting to order a corsage for a dance, and I told him, ‘I can make that for you.’ He agreed and when I got home, I told my guy about it. When he saw some pictures of my past work, he was impressed,” April said. “He inspired me to take a chance” on New Dawn Flowers. She and her guy, James Williams, worked together to co-found New Dawn Flowers, but James didn’t understand exactly what April could do until she created a few floral designs. “When I made new arrangements for the website, James said they knocked his socks off and he was surprised at how talented I am.” The praise is perhaps to be expected given April’s experience. “I was a designer at a flower shop in Coffeyville, Kansas, for over six years and managed the shop for a few years, then I moved to Las Vegas for a few years where I was the lead designer at Vegas Rose before moving to the Little White Chapel as their lead designer.”

New Dawn Flowers officially launched in early February and has been busy ever since. April likes to create “fun and funky arrangements that will be a little bit unique and nature inspired,” she said. Using sustainable practices is also very important to April. “I find unique and fun vases at estate sales and secondhand stores, clean them and use them to create my arrangements. We use bamboo card holders and don’t work with any plastics if we can help it. As much as we can, we want to make something beautiful while limiting the negative impact on the Earth,” she added.

Trends and Tips
“There’s definitely a trend toward more nature-inspired design where things have very whimsical kind of free-flowing vibe instead of uniform shapes and manicured styles. Lately we’ve been going more toward the natural wild look with a garden-inspired theme,” April shared. “I’ve also been seeing a lot of people who want to incorporate flowers in new ways. For instance, rather than having a wreath on the door, I’ve had people ask for me to make garlands for over the door for special occasions, which is really neat. I’m also seeing a trend toward more very high-style, show-stopping flowers for the home and office with an appreciation for the art and the beauty of more glamorous style arrangements.”

April has some tips for keeping a bouquet or arrangement of cut flowers blooming. “The day after receiving flowers, you want to continue to top off the water. If it starts to get cloudy, dump out the water and put in fresh. I wouldn’t add any flower food to the water,” she said. “To extend the longevity of the blooms, keep them somewhere cool and away from vents or fans.” Also, you can try propagating some of your flowers in potting soil. “I’ve had the best luck with roses, hydrangeas and bulb flowers such as tulips and hyacinth.”

Whether your next floral purchase is for a man or a woman, sent in celebration or in sympathy, get in touch with April for a beautiful floral design that honors your thoughtfulness and your recipient. “You can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours,” April affirmed.

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