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Ashle Archangel: Impacting Child Abuse Prevention Council Daily

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“Stay the course, even when you’re uncertain or stressed, and don’t give up!” These are wise words of advice from Ashle Archangel, Mental Health Director of the Child Abuse Prevention Council. This inspiring woman shares her energy and enthusiasm every day to support the mission of the CAPC which is to protect children and strengthen families through awareness and outcome driven programs delivered with compassion.

Ashle has been in her current position for one year but has spent the past 3 years of her career at the Child Abuse Prevention Council. She has always had a passion for nurturing others and giving back to her community. This led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology from Sacramento State University. Ashle went on to receive a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and has over 14 years of experience in counseling.

Ashle wants resources for families to feel accessible. Her work with families aims to meet them where they are. She creates a safe space for families to be vulnerable without judgment and to build relationships. She teaches adults how to advocate for their children and themselves. Many times, clients have experienced some sort of intergenerational trauma, and Ashle supports these individuals to help find healthy resolutions to their past. Families are referred to the CAPC from many places, word of mouth, partnerships with many community agencies, hospitals, doctors, and schools.

“The CAPC is the place to be!” declares Ashle with obvious pride. She feels rewarded by being able to feel the positive impact that she and the organization have on our community. The entire staff is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in San Joaquin County. Recently they were able to celebrate reuniting several children with their biological parents, one of the many day-to-day stories that motivate all who are a part of the CAPC. There are many types of services available through the CAPC including Early Childhood Education, Family Strengthening Services, Clinical counseling and Awareness and Education resources. The agency website is very comprehensive and can help those in need connect to the resources, tools and services that can change their lives for the better.

Ashle’s impact at the Child Abuse Prevention Council is felt by more than the clients alone. The Executive Director Lindy Turner-Hardin had this to say about her, “Along with being incredibly skilled, Ashle brings a lightness to every encounter. Our leadership team and her staff have come to expect to laugh with her at some point during a conversation. We love this about her!” In her free time, Ashle enjoys spending time with her daughter, listening to music, and exercising. She also says that she is a major foodie! How fortunate the CAPC and San Joaquin County are to have this dynamo working for the families of our area.