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Corinna Jones: Details are Everything

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Corinna Jones, co-president at Patmon Co, has always loved a challenge. In fact, her philosophy is, “There is always a way to do something, whether it’s at work, sports or volunteering.” That consistent, can-do attitude has helped her make the most of life’s opportunities, and one of the greatest, she says, has been working for builder/developer Pat Patmon. Upon hiring Corinna as his personal assistant in 2014, Pat promptly handed her the responsibility of orchestrating a remodeling job at his own home, entrusting her with sourcing marble and other building materials, and carrying out his design style. In so doing, she quickly learned one of Pat’s guiding principles, Details are Everything.

The next project was a big one: helping build Elkhorn Reserve’s CrossFit Gym for Pat’s daughter, a fitness expert and entrepreneur in her own right. From overall construction to the smallest finishing details such as cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, Corinna’s eagerness to learn paired well with her innate drive to complete tasks. In addition to her formal education, she now jokingly refers to attending 11 years at The University of Patmon to describe all she has learned from Pat about building, property management and his company’s hands-on style.

The Bigger Picture
Patmon Company, Inc. has built and/or acquired 14 apartment complexes in Stockton, amounting to 2,023 units, with that number steadily increasing. They recently opened the first phase of Eight Mile House with 168 units and Phase II will see 216 more apartments completed within the next two years. Corinna and her co-presidents since 2020, Mike Quismondo and Pat’s son, Jeff Patmon, deal with refinancing and oversee all improvements at the various complexes with FPI Property Management Company and their own renovation crew. “Working with Mike and Jeff is ideal and just the perfect fit; each of our roles here work together seamlessly,” she said.

With a strong background in bookkeeping/accounting, restaurant management and administration, Corinna also oversees The Kitchen at Stonebrier, Patmon’s award-winning restaurant. The Details are Everything mindset applies there too, as Stonebrier staff consistently adapt to their guests in order to make events special and meaningful. From renovations to restaurants, Corinna emphasizes that, in addition to details, you must maintain your focus on the bigger picture. That approach was definitely noticed and rewarded by the voting public when The Kitchen at Stonebrier won 2nd and 3rd Place in the Best of San Joaquin Restaurants category.

More Than Food and Housing: Meeting Needs During the Pandemic
During the pandemic, Pat saw people struggling profoundly and had a novel idea: Instead of reducing services, why not expand them to meet the needs of our tenants? Corinna elaborated, “We truly want our tenants to have the best environment and we wanted to figure out a way to look after people during that difficult time.” They developed the Patmon Concierge program to provide groceries for sale, errand services, dry cleaning pickups and drop-offs, prescriptions, dog-walking, package delivery/receiving and notary services. The Concierge Program proved to be so valuable that it continues to this day.

Finding Balance
Corinna, 40, has gained wisdom along the way; she reflected on the importance of balance between one’s personal and professional life. She advised, “Your version of balance might not look exactly like somebody else’s because you have to find what works for you and those around you.” As a leader, wife and the mother of a seven-year-old and a 19-year-old, she recommends “doing whatever it takes—sports, walking, hiking, or relaxing—to reset and refresh your mindset. A positive mindset helps you address everything, so making time in the day for that is key. I come in with that fresh mindset every day, saying, ‘Okay, today’s a new day and we’re going to get through whatever comes our way.’”

She also stresses the value of having a strong network of people behind you who are understanding, caring and supportive, saying, “Those are the people you want in your life to lean on, the ones who will be there to talk to in tough times, to get you through the madness, as well as celebrate the good times.” Corinna says one of the most important things you can do is “take the time to really know the individuals on your team.” She truly values and appreciates the people she works with, telling them regularly, “I could not do what I do without you.”

Approaching Challenges and Climbing Mountains
Outside of work, friends and family know Corinna as a four-wheeling, marathon-running outdoorswoman, so they were not surprised to learn that, in October of 2020, she spent seven days climbing Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro. “I figured ‘why not?’ Mandy Moore’s done it!” She said, laughing. With Pat’s encouragement, Corinna came along when his family flew to Africa. There, fueled by her positive “you got this” self-talk, she successfully made the week-long climb with eight porters and one guide in attendance.

Growth and Gratitude
“The greatest thing about my role and this company is that every day I continue to grow professionally and as a person,” Corinna concluded. “Starting as an administrative assistant to now a co-president of this company, with its many different entities, is truly humbling. Being able to interact on different levels with different people, and overcoming obstacles and challenges, has made me grow more than I ever thought possible. Pat and his wife, Cheryl, and their family are truly a blessing and I am so thankful to be working for this amazing family and company. I don’t think I could have learned what I have without Pat; he is an incredible leader and it is a pleasure working for him.”