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Balloons Unlimited Brings Your Event to Life

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By Lauren Nelson

“I think I should get a tank of helium and a bag of balloons, and Zac and I will deliver bouquets of joy and happiness to everyone in Lodi.” That’s what Kathy Cassebarth told her husband, Gregg Cassebarth, one day when their son, Zac, was only a year old.

That was 30 years ago, and now, Kathy’s business, Balloons Unlimited, is the creative expression literally elevating Lodi- and Stockton-area events, from parties to showers, fairs to festivals, grand openings to corporate events. Her colorful balloon installations transform her clients’ events with aesthetics from quirky to elegant in ways many can’t imagine until they
experience it.

And it all started with a wild imagination.

After stumbling across a home-based balloon business in the classified section of the Lodi News-Sentinel and purchasing it, Kathy found a collection of magazines published by Qualatex, the leading manufacturer of balloons. She pored through every issue, devouring every article and photo, realizing what was possible with balloons. Online inspiration hubs such as Instagram and Pinterest had yet to be invented then, so she found inspiration in these pages’ photographs and articles with instructions, guides and tips.

She got to work, starting with popular balloon deliveries for birthdays and special occasions, and quickly jumped into decorating jobs, starting with center court for all the holidays and special events at Weberstown Mall and Sherwood Mall.

Those who don’t yet know Kathy likely know her work. Her company has mastered the art of the organic garland. “It’s the hot new trend that everyone is gaga about,” Kathy said. They are the popular clusters of multi-sized balloons, often boho-chic in style and trending color palettes, that often frame photo backdrops or gift-opening chairs at showers. But classic décor such as spiral arches and columns is making a strong comeback, though Kathy says their popularity never really waned because she’s done hundreds over the years.

Local organizations trust Kathy and Balloons Unlimited with their guests’ first impressions. Her white, lime green and dark green spiral archway greeted first-time visitors at Stockton’s Sprouts Market at its opening earlier this year. Her signature beautiful balloons in silver and white with blue light cascading down stood tall like art sculptures at Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi for their Employee Appreciation Dinner at Hutchins Street Square in Lodi. A tiger peered down from a cluster of purple and gold balloons to greet students at Tokay High School’s eighth grade orientation.
Kathy says she may have the imagination, but she couldn’t do it without Gregg, who has been by her side for 30 years of business. Gregg is the Balloons Unlimited engineer; he helps successfully set up the balloon installations. A retired contractor whose first love is wood, he creates custom backdrops for Kathy’s new collection of trending lighted marquee letters and numbers, and she says it’s totally in his wheelhouse.

The new four-foot-tall lighted marquees decorated with balloons add a fun and vintage look to any milestone birthday party. The six-foot-tall lighted LOVE marquee has been popular for photos at weddings and anniversary parties. Her tribe of minions was a huge hit at Lodi’s Parade of Lights, as were her floppy, wearable pink flamingos at Lodi Memorial Foundation’s Walk for the Health of It event.

One of her favorite and extra-festive balloon installations was Hoopla at the Stockton Arena, where Balloons Unlimited took over the popular tunnel and completely circled the tunnel in lime green, orange and white balloons with specialty lighting effects. By the time the guests got to the floor, they were energized, excited and ready to celebrate.

Balloons Unlimited and Kathy Cassebarth have come a long way. She and her team, which includes Gregg, their daughter-in-law, Kate, and Kate’s sister, Joscelyn, are looking forward to the next generation of Balloons Unlimited. “We’ve been in the business long enough now that we have generations of happy customers,” she said. “One of the best parts is working with families and businesses for decades, spreading joy with colorful orbs.”

Balloons Unlimited creates experiences for families, organizations and party planners looking to elevate–literally–the experience of any event. To have Kathy help bring your event to life, contact Kathy at Balloons Unlimited to get started planning—the sooner, the better, as they do book up.

For more information, call 209-368-6401, email or visit Instagram: BalloonsUnlimitedLodi.