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Risotto: Just a Four-Legged Human!

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HLM: Tell us about yourself.
R: I feel like I’m just one of the humans. I have no clue that I’m a dog most of the time and like to be included in everything my humans do. I eat dinner and lunch the same time as everyone else, have my own seat in the car and think I should be involved in every picture! I’m also pretty high-maintenance and like only the cold filtered water from the refrigerator or a chilled water bottle.

HLM: What’s your favorite vacation spot?
R: I’m honestly happy to go along wherever the fam is going, but I really enjoy the Fairmont in San Francisco, where they have room service for me.

HLM: Your best play spot?
R: My Downtown Lodi neighborhood is my favorite! I like to walk there and have come to know a lot of the neighbors. 

HLM: We all have guilty pleasures; what’s yours?
R: Apples and peanut butter with my mom and sister, Sloane. 

HLM: Are you ever a naughty pup?
R: When the family has the audacity to leave me home alone, I have been known to shred any paper I can get my paws on.

HLM: What’s your favorite toy?
R: I am obsessed with Chuckit! and require my humans to play this with me at least once a day.

HLM: What’s your favorite treat?
R: My most wonderful treat is Dad’s ground turkey and scrambled eggs!

HLM: What else should we know about you?
R: I would like everyone to know that I appreciate being greeted just as much as the baby in the family!

HLM: Where were you born?
R: Southern California

HLM: Who are your human parents?
R: Alex and Stacy Cano