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Boomer The Lovable Granddog

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Q: What’s your full name?
A. Boomer Vaz

Q. Tell us about yourself.
A. I am a sweet and patient canine, especially with my favorite kids, Lachlan, Tate and Vivi. Yet I can still be loads of fun and a bit goofy, even at my age!

Q. What’s your favorite vacation spot?
A. Oh, Woodward Island. It’s a very cool island out in the San Joaquin Delta! It’s where I love to go duck hunting! And there is so much room to roam. It’s a fabulous vacation spot.

Q. What do you love to do when you get to go along?
A. In my later years I have had to slow down, so now instead of hunting, I just like to go and watch the ducks. It’s not as much fun, but still enjoyable.

Q. Your best play spot?
A. In my backyard with my “grandkids.” I am obsessed with those kids!

Q. We all have guilty pleasures; what’s yours?
A. I love most everything–but a carrot? Well, that is certainly my favorite treat!

Q. Where do you go for pampering?
A. Whenever my family is out of town, I get to stay at Sunset Kennels. I love it there and they give me extra-luxurious baths!

Q. What else should we know about you?
A. Please never pass me by without a pet or a cuddle!

Q. Who are your human parents?
A. Kathy and Paul Vaz