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Lodi Cyclery: Everything the Cycling Enthusiast Needs!

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Family bike trips to local farmers markets, a ride around Lodi Lake, along the levees, a vigorous ride to the foothills with the bike club, or a casual ride to your favorite ice cream shop, biking is great for your personal health and the environment as well. With gas prices continuing to soar, it’s the perfect time to think about an alternative solution. Take a trip to Lodi Cyclery, located in the busy and popular neighborhood at the juncture of N. Ham and Lockeford Streets in Lodi, California. 

Whether your current bike needs a bit of sprucing up or you are excited to find a brand new, shiny bike, the friendly staff at this local shop, all of who are so crazy about biking, are eager to find the perfect ride for every level of interest. They serve all types of cyclists including new and veteran riders, road and mountain aficionados, recreation and transportation cyclists. They have bicycles with wicker baskets, serious racing bikes, and everything in between. They sell products from the best bicycle brands in the world. You can also ride in style; their apparel shop will have you looking your best as you cycle through town or up that hill.  

Owner Brian Shirk is a family man and triathlete, and he enjoys bringing people into the sport of biking. “When I am not working, you can find me in a pool, on a bike or in running shoes. I like to encourage people to get outside and get active. Jump on your bike or take a walk. The important thing is to keep active. And we want to help you with that.” 

The folks at Lodi Cyclery can also help you find new places to explore. They have partnered with Ride Spot (check it out on their website), where you can discover great local bike routes and get directions to a variety of routes that range from strolling through town to serious trips up into the foothills. After your ride, you can share your experience and photos so others can also enjoy your journey!

“I wanna go fast” is Brian’s favorite quote. A bike can provide you with endless miles of fun with your family and friends. Whether you stroll through town or challenge your riding buddies to a race to go fast, hop on your bike and enjoy the freedom of the beautiful outdoors.

Check out Lodi Cyclery, 312 N. Ham Lane, Lodi, California, 209-365-7433.