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Limitless Axes & Ales: The Family-Friendly Fun You Never Knew You Needed

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Ask owner Michael Hill if his wife, Brook, thought this business would be a good idea and you’ll get an instant and resounding “No!” He laughed, adding, “She thought it was a horrible idea!” Luckily, Brook quickly changed her mind as soon as she visited an actual axe throwing establishment in Brooklyn, New York, and saw that the whole concept was incredibly fun, exciting, well-designed and safe.

The Hills already owned Limitless Escape Games in two California locations, Livermore and Stockton, both opened in 2017. The popular escape room venue, which some say is the most fun they’ve ever had, was the perfect foundation for the addition of Limitless Axes & Ales establishments, first in Pleasanton in 2020 and most recently in Stockton’s Lincoln Center, in 2022. They plan to open Limitless Axes and Ales Brentwood later this year.

Something New
Limitless Axes & Ales is a comfy mountain-cabin-themed lounge featuring an arcade room, a truly impressive array of free games and well over 100 craft beers at any given time. “The hazy IPAs are really popular right now,  and we enjoy broadening peoples’ horizons by introducing them to new favorites,” says Michael. Because the Stockton location just opened in February 2022, the menu is still expanding beyond the current selection of pizzas, panini, nachos, fries, ravioli, chicken skewers and the like.

Also expanding is the bar itself. Michael will soon have up to ten beers on tap and a full liquor license. Adjoining the new lounge, literally right next door, is their escape room, Limitless Escape Games, which allows visitors to easily flow back and forth between the two businesses. Customers of either establishment automatically earn a 20 percent discount at the other. Reservations are recommended, especially for groups. “You’d be surprised at how many bachelorette parties we get,” Michael said. “But walk-ins are always welcome and this is a really fun way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.”

Family Fun
Michael described the warm welcome he has received from the community. “It’s a safe place for parents to bring their kids and relax. Everybody’s just super appreciative of that; they’re always telling me, ‘Thank you so much for opening this place.’ Even people-watching is a lively event around here; everyone’s just having the best time. There is definitely something for everyone.”

Kids ten and older may participate in axe throwing, which Michael described as “easier than it looks.” The secure target areas are carefully regulated and supervised by throwing coaches who are skilled at giving tips and generally ensuring that everyone has a great time. Targets are projected onto the wall and specialized software makes it possible for guests to enjoy unlimited games and seasonal themes as they compete. “The holiday and seasonal games are always changing and extremely entertaining,” he continued. “As soon as people see how it works, they are excited to give it a try. It’s so much fun!”

While group visits are very popular, it turns out that axe throwing is every bit as enjoyable for individuals. “I have kind of a funny story” Michael said, bemused. “At our Limitless Axes & Ales location in Livermore, we would always ask new visitors how they heard about us. And, I’m not kidding here, no less than a dozen people said ‘My therapist suggested I come and do some axe throwing.’ It must be cathartic, I don’t know, but they absolutely loved it, and,” he added, “I would just like to meet
that therapist!”

By: Mary Raffetto