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Live As Though Humankind Needs You

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by William “Bubba” Paris

Today, make a decision whether to just live, or to live as though you have a divine purpose. These life choices may seem to be the same but they are not. In a fast-paced world, we spend so much time trying to achieve economic success or even just survive that we lose sight of our who and why. Who am I, and why was I created this way?

Pursue life as though you have a divine purpose. Do something that will live beyond you. Make these adjustments to your fundamental ethics and ideology, and you become one with the universe. You will set in motion divine cooperation with your existence. In doing so, you will realize your truth.

There are two musts associated with a purpose-driven life. You must believe wholeheartedly that you were born with and for a purpose. You must also embrace the responsibility that your purpose was given to you to benefit mankind.

You are not born to do something; you are born with something to do. To be born with a purpose is to be born to fulfill a universal need. There can’t be purpose without need. If your life has purpose, then your existence must accomplish necessity. The universe has a need, and you are the embodiment of the solution. You’re born perfect in every way to make a contribution and it will live beyond you.

A life driven by purpose has functional meaning. The universe cooperates with your purpose and presents a need that gives your life true meaning. Need from mankind shapes you and your journey, bringing you one with creation.

In a purpose-driven life, the calling from need energizes your passion and fortifies your determination. That determination causes you to declare, “I will not quit until I manifest this obsession that is burning within me.” This passion and determination guide and fuel your journey to your destined meeting with destiny.

A life of purpose exists for a reason; purpose and need go hand in hand. You’re born the complete embodiment of everything necessary to give the world something that is needed. You embrace the notion that you were given a piece of creation’s puzzle; without it the puzzle is incomplete. You must believe that in a functional universe your life benefits mankind.

Nobel Prize winner Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, the first lifesaving antibiotic, is a functional example of a purpose-driven life. About need, late in the 16th century the concept of bacteria was discovered. In the 19th century, it was confirmed that bacteria caused diseases. However, there was no non-harmful way of killing bacteria in humans. Fleming, during WWI, was moved by soldiers dying from sepsis, a life-threatening complication from infections, and he made it his mission to discover a drug to fight bacteria.

Some say luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. In a purpose-driven life, the universe cooperates with your purpose. When you declare, “I will not quit until I manifest this passion in me,” the universe makes its contribution. To some, this contribution from the universe may be viewed as luck, but it’s not; it is cooperation.

Fleming didn’t keep a tidy work environment; before leaving for vacation, he set aside Petri dishes containing bacteria samples. While he was gone, mold contaminated his samples; cooperation occurred. Fleming’s determination to find a cure caused him to instinctively look at his contaminated samples again. He realized the mold was a powerful antibiotic that was killing the bacteria. Was it luck? Purpose, need and cooperation created synergy and now the world is a better place.

Discover your purpose. Pursue it with passion and you will give the world something that will live beyond you.


A first-round draft choice for the San Francisco 49ers, William “Bubba” Paris is a former professional American football offensive tackle who played for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League from 1983 to 1990 and for the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions in 1991. He was a member of three 49ers teams that won the Super Bowl. He is currently the CEO of the Tracy Community Connections Center. William “Bubba” Paris is a seasoned inspirational and motivational speaker for Fortune 500 companies, poet, author, ordained minister and evangelist. He is also founder of Paris Enterprises, a marketing and promotional firm. Learn more at