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Quite the Adventure

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Sisters Lily, Sadie and Hattie Cantrell gave their time to work on an exciting renovation project for the facility where One-Eighty Base Camp, an intensive outpatient program for teens, is held. They helped pack up and clear out the house, shopped for the décor with their mom, helped with design ideas based on the “new adventure” theme, and all three were there to finalize each design detail.

L odi Memorial Hospital Foundation chose One-Eighty and provided funding dedicated to improving the mental health of teenagers in the Lodi area. This funding will assist with the Intensive Outpatient Program that will be held in the remodeled Dan Brown House, where One-Eighty Base Camp will be held.

Alison McGregor, co-executive director of One-Eighty, shared, “The Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, is typically offered in a clinical setting. One-Eighty’s IOP will have a focus on learning how to manage big emotions, strengthening resiliency strategies, practicing courage and finding jobs. And we are also leaning into resiliency programs focused on courage, resiliency and adventure, the inspiration for the themes used in the remodeled space. Base Camp sets the stage for what these kids can expect from the program. It is a beautiful space with adventurous themes everywhere. Because our lives are an adventure. They matter. The funding and volunteer work has been a tremendous help.”

“We started helping with this project because our mom was in charge of the design and décor for the remodel project at the Dan Brown House for Base Camp,” the sisters shared.

“My mom gave us the opportunity to help with the projects that we were interested in,” Lily said. “My favorite job was using my new skills that I learned in my elective at school that focused on crafting with the Cricut machine. My mom helped me pick out some adventure-themed stickers and I learned how to weed and transfer them onto a cabinet for storage in the bathroom. I wanted to help because I know the One-Eighty Base Camp will help other people in the future.” Sadie shared, “I helped with lots of projects and cleaning, but my favorite project was the desk we updated with Modge Podge, mountain maps, postcards and stickers of places the One-Eighty Adventures group travels. I love the way it turned out. I wanted to help because it sounded like a fun project and I know that the One-Eighty helps lots of kids and teenagers in our community.”

“I wanted to help because I like to organize and be helpful,” noted Hattie. “I helped pack up the house before we started the remodel. I painted a desk and I organized cupboards as we began putting everything back into the house. I also helped shop for furniture and décor, and I cleaned when we did work at the house on the weekends.”

Asked how the opportunity to serve changed her life, Lily said “Our family loves spending time in the mountains and at the ocean but helping with this project and learning about the One-Eighty Adventures program helped me realize that there are a lot of teenagers in our community that do not have the chance to spend time out in nature. It makes me feel grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I hope that the people who will use Base Camp will get the chance to experience new things and have lots of fun.”

“It has changed me because it showed me that giving back a little can help a lot,” Sadie answered. “I think it’s important to volunteer because I can help other people by giving my time and effort. Base Camp turned out even better than I imagined.”

“It makes me feel really happy because I helped other kids’ and teenagers’ lives,” Hattie responded. “I think people will love Base Camp because each room has a theme and there’s so much to look at. I saw it from the very beginning, and it has changed a lot. It looks beautiful.”

And for the future? “I want to be able to volunteer and give back to the community to show others I care,” said Lily. “I also enjoy decorating and designing. It was cool to see the transformation of the building.” Sadie responded, “I want to help other people as a nurse or a doctor when I grow up.” Hattie noted, “I love to organize, and think I might want to be a professional organizer when I grow up.”

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