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Baby Zeta

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Photos provided by Baby Zeta

HERLIFE Magazine sat down with members of Baby Zeta to discuss their organization and community involvement.

Baby Zeta, or BZ, as it is casually known, is a philanthropic sorority composed of high school girls who are dedicated to serving San Joaquin County. While all the current members go to Lincoln High, any high school girl, freshmen through seniors, living in San Joaquin County can join.

The members participate in many service projects in the San Joaquin area. They have worked with, to name a few, the County Office of Probation for National Night Out, Stockton Shelter for the Homeless, Science Olympiad, John McCandless School, Kids Night at Stockton Raceway, and Trunk or Treat with Lovotti, Inc. They have also volunteered to set up for the ACS annual Moonlight Gala, BXSJ Scholarship Crab Feed, and recently organized a successful pasta feed that will fund several scholarships for senior girls and provide sponsorship for a YMCA youth sports team. They volunteer at St. Mary’s Dining Room, where they serve dinner every Tuesday and Thursday, along with the Valentine’s Day arts and crafts project at St. Mary’s Family Shelter. The money raised goes into a scholarship fund for high school senior females that have committed their time to serve the community and need college funding assistance.

Participating in BZ has a positive impact on the members. When asked how the opportunity to serve has affected them, several members responded.

“I have adapted a whole different perspective from seeing people from all walks of life. I have put myself in environments that I’m not used to and have allowed myself to adapt and learn for future experiences,” shared Payton.

Shelby said, “I have realized how much one person can impact our community. It makes me enjoy helping others and inspires me to reach out to those in need.”

“BZ has opened my mind to the real world,” said member Claire. “Working with a variety of groups and volunteering in different areas of the community has led me to be educated and see the world from multiple views.”

Members of this philanthropic organization experience giving back to their community and help people in need. While serving and being a member, BZs learn interaction skills, teamwork, responsibility and leadership. BZ gives members the opportunity, through their volunteerism, to interact with others who have experienced more life than they have, and they have demonstrated how they continue to push through. Along with this, many friendships and connections are made inside the club as well as outside with those they interact with and meet along the way.

“My favorite part of BZ is when I volunteer at St. Mary’s Dining Room,” Payton concluded. “Everyone has a smile on their face. Whether the smile is from the food or for me, I take it to heart. Oftentimes, they will also say ‘You are loved,’ ‘Jesus loves you,’ ‘God bless you,’ or even a simple ‘Thank you.’ These comments make my day. Ultimately, through the BZ experience, I have learned the value of serving others in my community.”