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Kids Shining Brightly: Michayla Lin

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Michayla Lin, 17, a resident of Stockton, California, and a senior at Stockton Early College Academy, describes for HERLIFE Magazine a project she undertook as associated student body secretary for SECA.

HLM: Why did you start this project?
ML: I ran for my first student government position, sophomore class president, because I sought to connect and unify my class coming out of online school. This led me to join Student Leadership, where I eventually became ASB secretary. When I was a class president, I found it challenging to navigate how to pass paperwork, so as ASB secretary I created an online digital database to digitally record over three hundred pieces of paperwork passed each year. Additionally, I created paperwork guides and updated forms to promote accessibility and paperwork fluency among all classes and clubs.

HLM: Where does the money go?
ML: The funds raised through SECA’s Associated Student Body go directly back to the students and community. In Leadership, we have five committees: Activities, Beautification, Dance, Fundraising and Spirit. These committees are the masterminds behind a profitable Timberwolf Market, the student store, flourishing campus gardens and unforgettable high school memories.

HLM: How has this opportunity to serve changed your life?
ML: Being ASB president means more than just a title to me, it is a privilege to connect and work with amazing people. I truly could not have been the leader I am today without the support of leaders who have come before me. The role has shown me the importance of sometimes being uncomfortable to grow and evolve as a person.

HLM: What is your goal for the future?
ML: When I was ASB secretary, I discovered my love for building and refining systems. I wish to become a systems engineer, where I design and optimize frameworks in technology. Additionally, I wish to give back to my community and family for all they have done for me.