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I Love My Community: Troy Brown

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Troy Brown, EdD, San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools, sat down with HERLIFE Magazine recently to share his dedication to family and community.

HLM: How long have you lived here? What do you love most?
TB: I was raised in San Jose, and I have lived in the San Joaquin Valley since 2003. I love that our kids were raised in a diverse county and had the opportunity to attend wonderful schools. I enjoy visiting and eating at the various types of restaurants throughout the valley. I love the proximity the valley has to adventures in nature surrounding us.

HLM: How is your heart inspired to serve the community?
TB: I am blessed to serve as the San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools, which gives me the opportunity to lead an organization that thrives from serving students, families, and school districts within our community. Every student has a story, and we are blessed to listen to their stories and provide opportunities for them to grow and develop successfully.

HLM: What sparks joy for you?
TB: My family brings me joy. As our four children get older, I love it when we are able to all be together as a family. The opportunities to serve in our community and see individuals’ lives change through my career also bring me joy.

HLM: Top three bucket list goals?
TB: Raft the Zambezi River in Africa; travel the United States; open a bakery.

HLM: How is your time best spent outside work?
TB: Outside of work, I can be found on the river, river rafting or kayaking; baking goodies for family and friends; serving in my church; and working in a garden.

HLM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
TB: I am most proud of my beautiful wife and our four children; they are amazing. I am also proud of the opportunity I currently have to serve students, families, staff and school districts within San Joaquin County through my role as the San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools.

HLM: Can you describe a key event that had an impact on your life?
TB: Serving as the principal of Merrill F. West High School in Tracy changed my life and the life of my family. The opportunity to serve the students, staff and families of the community changed my view of education and helped shape my beliefs. In education, we are blessed to see the lives of students change every day. We are blessed to hear their stories and that will forever have an impact on my life.

HLM: Do you have a favorite quote?
TB: A friend in the Tracy Unified School District used to say, “Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.”

HLM: What are you currently reading?
TB: Michael Crichton’s State of Fear and Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better by Anthony S. Bryk, Louis M. Gomez, Alicia Grunow and Paul G. LeMahieu

HLM: Favorite food or dessert?
TB: My favorite food is pizza. My wife makes a delicious Black Forest cherry cake.