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I Love MY Community: Dr. Sapna Purawat

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Dr. Sapna Purawat, a psychiatrist who is embarking on the establishment of her private practice and who is dedicated to prioritizing the accessibility and affordability of mental health care, sat down with HERLIFE Magazine recently to share her dedication to family and community.

HLM: How long have you lived here? What do you love most?
SP: I love Stockton for its wonderful weather, rich diversity that brings together various cultures and traditions, the affordability that makes living comfortable, the exciting opportunities for travel, and the diverse and delicious food options that satisfy my culinary preferences. The presence of a temple and Gurudwara indicates a rich religious and cultural tapestry, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity.

HLM: How is your heart inspired to serve the community?
SP: I have a comprehensive and compassionate approach to mental health that not only benefits individuals but also contributes significantly to the broader community. It reflects a commitment to creating a supportive and stigma-free environment, fostering the well-being of both individuals and the community at large. I believe that helping people overcome mental health challenges contributes to a healthier and more resilient community.

HLM: What sparks joy for you?
SP: The love and connection I share with my husband, kids and parents are fundamental sources of joy, providing a strong foundation of support and happiness. The beauty of nature, especially the tranquility of sunrise and the warmth of sunset, finding joy in life’s uncomplicated moments adds a sense of awe and appreciation to my life. A good book and good night’s sleep contribute to a positive and energized mindset. My connection and appreciation of my Indian culture bring a sense of identity, tradition and celebration into my life.

HLM: Top three bucket list goals?
SP: My biggest goal is to ensure easy access to mental health services, which is crucial for the well-being of individuals and communities. I want to advocate for affordable mental health services through policies that prioritize mental health and increased funding for mental health programs. I want to encourage partnerships between mental health providers and insurance companies to increase coverage.

HLM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
SP: I take pride in being a good daughter, doctor, mother, wife and, overall, a good human being. Balancing these roles requires resilience, empathy and a deep sense of purpose.

HLM: Can you describe a key event that had an impact on your life?
SP: Hurricane Katrina had a profound impact on my perspective and life philosophy. The support of friends, family and community becomes invaluable during challenging times. Strong work ethic and adaptability helped me grow. I recognized my inherent capacity for rebuilding and creating new opportunities even in the face of significant loss.

HLM: How is your time best spent outside work?
SP: I do a combination of physical activity, intellectual stimulation through reading and traveling, mindfulness with meditation, and spending time with friends and family helps me with personal well-being. All these activities bring a sense of adventure, learning and personal growth.

HLM: Do you have a favorite quote?
SP: “I have a dream.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.; “The only constant in life is change.” ~Heraclitus

HLM: What are you currently reading?
SP: Finding Me by Viola Davis; Atomic Habits by James Clear; The Covenant of Water by Abraham Varghese.

HLM: Favorite food or dessert?
SP: Rice, lentil soup and salad.