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Ann Ishii

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Ann Ishii, a photographer and business owner, sat down with HERLIFE Magazine recently to share her dedication to family and community.

HLM: How long have you lived here? What do you love most?
AI: I have lived in this area most of my life. We did have a ten-year stretch in the USMC where we traveled and lived in other states. However, there is nowhere like home and California! I love our community here! I love how everyone knows everyone and we are always willing to help each other!

HLM: How is your heart inspired to serve the community?
AI: My children always inspire me to serve our community. The best investment we can make is in ourselves and the people around us! I really enjoy giving back to the community through donations and volunteering for youth events.

HLM: What sparks joy for you?
AI: My family, friends and work! Family time is incredibly important to us. We spend that time playing family games or heading outdoors together. Photography brings me so much joy, all in different ways. Newborn sessions just have a way of touching your heart in a very special place. Knowing that the photos taken at that moment will never be able to be recreated and how they will be cherished for years to come. Weddings are another favorite. I cry at every father-daughter dance. I never had those moments with my father, so I hold such a high value on capturing those very raw moments of happiness. Those are the moments and photos that will be reflected on the most.

HLM: Top three bucket list goals?
AI: To always be the best person I can be; open an event/wedding venue of our own; I have always wanted to travel the world!

HLM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
AI: My best accomplishments are my children. As far as work, I think it would be photographing Fairytale Disney weddings. That was incredible to travel and do that. It is an opportunity I never would have imagined I would have. I am also proud of my accomplishment to grow my business from the ground up into what it is today.

HLM: Can you describe a key event that had an impact on your life?
AI: I grew up very poor and I knew I always wanted to do more! It has taught me that through hard work and dedication anything is possible. I have learned the value of relationships, family, money, success and even failures.

HLM: How do you spend time outside work?
AI: I love sports and the outdoors! You will always find me with my children. Depending on the time of year we always have a sport going on and/or gymnastics. We also enjoy traveling and spending time with close family.

HLM: What’s your favorite quote?
AI: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas A. Edison

HLM: What are you currently reading?
AI: HERLIFE Magazine.

HLM: Favorite food or dessert?
AI: Anything chocolate!