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Bedroom Design Tips and Inspiration for a Soothing Retreat

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Have you ever noticed that bedrooms are typically the last rooms homeowners will furnish? While it may feel natural to focus primarily on the rooms in which you entertain guests, such as your kitchen or living room, the bedroom should be higher on your priority list.

Think about it; your bedroom plays a pivotal role in your daily routine. Whether it’s early mornings preparing for the day or winding down with your favorite book before getting quality sleep, creating a comfortable and soothing atmosphere is essential to achieve ultimate wellness and relaxation.

Soft, Airy and Luxurious Retreat
Pay close attention to color, as the color palette in your bedroom can profoundly affect your mood. Opt for hues that soothe you, such as soft blues and greens, neutral accents of ivory, mauve or gray, or even some saturated yet moody colors, if they speak to you. Of course, white and ivory sheets are always a must. They are classic and coordinate with any bedding, making the entire room feel clean and crisp.

You may have already noticed that the beautiful wallpaper is the stand-out feature in this bedroom. The subtle, neutral pattern elevates a sense of luxury while perfectly complementing the colors of the bedding and rug, making it feel light and airy.

Nature-Inspired Haven
Soothing blues and pops of deep teal perfectly contrast with the neutral tones and natural wood elements, reflecting the peace and tranquility of the outdoors. The understated luxury of the upholstered headboard is effortlessly casual and timeless, making it the perfect focal point for this cozy, nature-inspired bedroom. The contrasting yet complementing elements of fabric and wood infuse the space with beautiful texture and dimension.

Adding texture to your bedroom’s décor can create an inviting and cozy feel. Layer different textures such as blankets, throws and pillows on top of your bedding for a more layered and multi-dimensional look. Consider incorporating a plush, soft rug under your feet to create a cozy and inviting space.

Unique, Multi-Functional Refuge
Don’t forget about lighting. Lighting is often overlooked in bedroom design, but it’s an important element that can greatly impact your sleep quality. Creating the perfect lighting conditions can have a significant impact on your overall bedroom design. Aim for a mix of overhead lighting and lamps, and choose bulbs that emit warm, soft light rather than harsh, cool light.

If possible, allow natural light to filter in during the day, as this can make the space feel brighter and more welcoming. At night, focus on creating a layered lighting scheme that involves dimmer switches and soft lamps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You may also want to consider blackout curtains or shades to keep light out and create a cozy, cave-like atmosphere.

Make the Most of Your Bedroom Design
Having a room designed just for you and your own enjoyment is incredibly fulfilling. It can be a place in which you feel refreshed after a long day, a peaceful sanctuary where relaxation is effortless. By sticking to calming colors, natural materials, quality bedding, warm lighting and personal touches, you can create a space that truly feels like your own. Sweet dreams!


Before becoming an interior designer, Kathleen Jennison worked as certified public accountant for a national firm. A near-fatal car accident changed her career path and life forever. She suffered serious brain injuries, and her doctors suggested she take art classes to help with her rehabilitation. With her newfound love for design, she studied at the Art Institute in Sacramento, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in interior design. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and has served as the director of marketing for the National Association of Remodelers for the Greater Sacramento area. In 2009, she started KTJ Design Company.

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