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Small Space, Big Design: Creating a Dramatic Powder Room

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The powder room is that polite little half bath near your foyer, perfect for afternoon guests and easy access for your family as they take off for the day. We believe the powder room is the most daring of all bathrooms; therefore, we tend to go a bit wilder with our design choices. Flamboyant flamingo wallpaper, anyone?

A Proper History
Today we’re sharing the story behind every powder room we create, including a bit of history from the first powder rooms ever used.

According to Elle Décor, the powder room originated in noble courts as a dedicated space for freshening wigs, “with live birds and tons of powder,” as historian R. Grant Gilmore III describes them, powder rooms eventually “trickled down into society. The Industrial Revolution created the middle class, and rooms were a way to show status and wealth.”

A Proper Layout
The powder room requires convenient placement in the main level of your home, often near the entry or living area. This allows your visitors to easily find what they need without awkwardly traipsing through the rest of your home in search of the bathroom.

Your powder room will rarely contain a window to the outside world, but you will hardly notice. The expertly framed mirror above the statement pedestal sink will capture your focus every time you enter.

Additionally, your powder room will feature a few necessary amenities, such as a decorative basket on a floating shelf above the toilet. This is a great place to style and store the basic of extra toilet paper, air freshener, a current magazine and other necessities.

A Proper Statement
Powder rooms are big on bold statements and small on square footage. Because they don’t contain a bathtub or shower, there aren’t any significant moisture concerns. That fact, along with the small square footage, allows us to use creative or high-end materials that you wouldn’t traditionally see in a bathroom, such as wallpaper, wainscoting, moody color palettes and intricate light fixtures.

Designer Trend: Wallpaper Perfection
We often select wallpaper that is textured or that includes reflective properties. Using either of these adds depth to a small powder room and is a popular trend in the interior design industry right now.

Designer Tip: A Circular Mirror
Using a circular or oval mirror softens the harsh lines of a powder room and feels more decorative than a square or rectangular alternative. This mirror will nearly always be flanked by wall sconces.

By: Kathleen Jennison

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