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Wellness at The Ranch: When Healing is Your Calling

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February 18, 2023 was a big day for Shannon Stallings, a certified integrative health practitioner and master practitioner in NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming. It was the day Shannon officially opened Wellness at The Ranch, a wellness center and passion project that she had envisioned for many years as she studied and trained in these specialties as well as the field of MER®, or mental emotional release.

shannon, who is certified with psychologist and author Dr. Matt James and the Association for Integrative Psychology, chose to establish her healing center in the serene setting of rural Acampo, California, where her husband’s family has had a ranch for more than five generations. Shannon said, of creating the center at the ranch, “It started with love and healing, and we wanted to continue with love and healing.”

Holistic Healing
Group events at The Ranch are planned carefully to assure the benefit of each participant. As an HHP, or holistic health practitioner, Shannon specializes in breath work classes, meditation and prayer sessions, and she provides her guests a personalized plan as well as many other options to make their stay ideal and effective. No matter the modality, all approaches are customized to each visitor’s unique needs. Shannon, who is trained in multiple methodologies, saw firsthand how effective these practices and tools are when she studied them with doctors, counselors and psychologists who use these techniques with their clients. She is excited to now have the perfect setting in which to continue her work with her own clients, both old and new, where she can teach classes, work one on one and offer retreats with an emphasis on wellness, nutrition, healing and personal growth.

In addition to group events, Shannon offers individual, two- to three-day retreats with one-on-one guidance customized to the needs and goals of the guest. Retreats at The Ranch feature hiking, meditation, yoga, infrared sauna treatments, therapeutic massage and all-organic, farm-to-table dining. She explained, “A two- or three-day retreat is ideal for healing with no outside distractions.”

Moving Forward
Shannon’s inspiration is her knowledge and experience of helping others heal from past traumas and assisting them in moving forward to achieve new goals. “I am excited to share with others who need the extra help in life to get through any struggles, and for them to feel important, loved and wanted,” she explained. “When we are in a ‘stuck’ state we need integrated health practitioners and life coaches to guide us in a plan for success and true transformation. We just need the tools to get there and that is what I bring to The Ranch. Anything is possible and I can help our guests to heal and create that vision.”

Having overcome her own past experiences with stress, anxiety and depression, Shannon is not only professionally equipped, but personally knowledgeable in addressing these life challenges and more. A devoted mom, wife and award-winning Top 20% Realtor at Keller Williams in Lodi, Shannon’s heart for helping is readily apparent in all she does, as she brings that same high level of professionalism to the wellness center.

“God has opened many doors and led me to open this wellness center within my own community so I can be a guide for others,” Shannon shared. “Wellness at The Ranch is truly a place of peace and healing.”

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