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Katie Miller: Navigating the Tides of Change

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By Linda Philipp

As deputy port director of administration for the Port of Stockton, Katie Miller learned early in life that change is inevitable. While it often can be for the best, sometimes it can also prove challenging. The trick is learning to accept the change and overcome any adversity through hard work. By embracing and appreciating the learnings offered, one can move forward with new confidence and strength.

Born in Los Gatos, Katie and her family moved frequently throughout Northern California when she was young as her father’s career in banking required. They settled in Stockton when Katie was in sixth grade. After attending Presentation School and graduating from Saint Mary’s High School, Katie furthered her education at San Joaquin Delta College and then California State University at Sacramento, where she earned a degree in business administration with a concentration in human resources. Following graduation, she moved to San Diego, but then moved back to Stockton in 1996 to work for Klein Brothers and ConAgra. In the early 2000s, she was hired by Dameron Hospital, where she spent five years in human resources.

Then came the Port of Stockton, her professional home. In 2006, Katie was hired as a human resources analyst and promoted seven years later to HR manager. In 2019, Katie was named director of HR and Administrative Services followed by another promotion to her current position in 2022. She now serves as part of the Port’s Executive Team and provides oversight for HR, Administrative Services, Records Management, Safety & Emergency Management and Information Technology. Her ability to embrace change, keep learning, stay focused and continue growing have been the keys to her successful career.

Katie is fascinated by the maritime industry, which she notes is varied, complex and keeps changing. She feels grateful and privileged to work at the Port of Stockton where she “learns something new every day.” For example, did you know that the Port supports 10,007 jobs in our community? Or that 50 percent of its revenue comes from tenant leases of the more than seven million square feet of available storage, office and ground space? Or that 33 percent of the total tonnage passing through the Port is related to agriculture? Rice, fertilizer, feed and other such products keep moving through this hub of transportation and distribution that encompasses ship, rail and truck throughout the United States and 37 countries.

While her work is incredibly important to her, Katie values her family and personal life even more. She knows that maintaining a work-life balance is really more of a dance and credits her dance partner and husband, Mike, with providing crucial support and help to her and their three daughters, ranging in age from 24 to 12. They treasure their time together as a family and often spend vacations traveling to visit their two oldest daughters, who are in graduate school and college. Fortunately, those visits include desirable destinations such as Hawaii and San Luis Obispo! In addition, Katie enjoys wine tasting, gourmet food and being active.

Mindful of the importance of giving back to her community, Katie has served on a variety of professional and nonprofit boards and committees including the San Joaquin Safety Council, San Joaquin Human Resources Management group, and as a volunteer at Presentation School. She also is a 2020 graduate of Leadership Stockton.

Katie Miller is truly a beacon of light to those who are learning to navigate the tides of change. Her advice is to keep learning, moving and growing.