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Inside Out Lighting and Décor: Great Lighting and Design Benefit Everyone

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Beautiful lighting and stylish furnishings are great ways for both homeowners and renters to enhance their living spaces. In just three years, the owner of Inside Out Lighting and Decor, Deitra Kenoly, has made helping them her specialty.

A Stockton native, Deitra observed several years ago that the few lighting stores in her city had closed. Inspired by her love of interior design, she realized she could meet that need by opening a store of her own and, well, shining some light on the community. The only lighting store between Stockton and Sacramento, she recognized that Inside Out had become a genuine shopping destination, with many customers traveling great distances to buy from her impressive selection. To continue meeting customers’ needs, she recently expanded the store by 1,200 square feet to accommodate an even larger inventory of lighting and now has 2,400 square feet of retail space.

The Perfect Choices
Deitra uses her expertise to help homeowners, renters, interior designers and home staging specialists select just the right lighting, furnishings and accessories to improve their homes. “I’m very happy doing what I love, and that is helping people design beautiful spaces which improve their lives,” she elaborated. “Our surroundings affect us more than we realize and good design creates a mood that brings out the best of our emotions. To walk into a newly updated room is such a happy feeling and more often than not, it is exactly what is needed.”

Despite having no formal training, Deitra has always had an eye and an appreciation for design. From a very early age when she discovered modern, chic design magazines, she found them irresistible and studied every detail. One example of today’s modern equivalent is Architectural Digest’s Open Door: Inside Celebrity Homes on YouTube. She finds her creativity fueled by seeing the various ways different design styles are manifested in each room.

Having recently attended Lightovation 2024, the Dallas International Lighting Show where manufacturers introduce their newest products, Deitra is as excited as her clientele to see all the new merchandise she ordered as it is delivered to her store. Inside Out is tucked away behind US Bank on Pacific Avenue; nonetheless, this almost-hidden gem of a store has a steady stream of shoppers. Deitra laughed, “I think sometimes they’re very surprised to find that we are here!” But once they find her store, they keep coming back, and with good reason.

A New Perspective
Deitra says she tries to bring in special items, including large-scale canvas art, while keeping a price point to fit most budgets. Surrounded by so many lighting fixtures and furnishings in remarkable shapes, textures and finishes, visitors can’t help but come away with a multitude of fresh ideas. An extra service that customers are happy to discover is that Inside Out also offers
lamp repair.

When it comes to lighting and design, people often don’t know where to start. Deitra encourages them to “start with that one piece you truly love and build your design around it,” saying, “Keep an open mind; design evolves through communication. You might come in with one idea of what you want and leave with a completely different option.”
While there is no one style that’s right for everybody, Deitra finds that natural materials are almost universally appealing. She said, “There is an appreciation for teak, bamboo, jute, rattan, different wood styles and sizes. Bold-colored glass and a variety of metal finishes are also customer favorites. Lighting is the jewelry for your home and with so many options, creating the perfect room has never been more fun.”

Find Inside Out Lighting and Décor at 6231 Pacific Ave., Suite 4, Stockton, California. Call 209-451-1815 or visit to learn more.