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Midwest Myofascial Release Center: Now Offering Classes and Recruiting Massage Therapists

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Midwest Myofascial Release Center has been a mainstay in the Kansas City metro area for almost 20 years, offering clients personalized myofascial therapy provided by kind and caring therapists in a peaceful atmosphere. Jan Kelly, owner, wants her clients to leave the office feeling physically better and emotionally uplifted.

She especially likes educating her clients and other therapists to help others as they help themselves. “For example, you tell me that you are having low back pain. If you can come to one of my classes, I can give you some tools and educate you as to where that back pain is coming from,” Jan said. “Then you can work on it yourself with techniques learned from the class.”

Experienced Professional Therapist
Jan Kelly began her journey in helping her clients heal in 1988 when she graduated from college and began working as an occupational therapist. She became a certified massage therapist in 2000 and subsequently an expert level, John Barnes’ Approach®, myofascial release therapist. In 2004, she opened Midwest Myofascial Release Center. Recently, she completed a 300-hour aromatherapy certification course as well. These disparate disciplines may sound unrelated, but Jan combines them all to create something new to benefit her clients. Regarding the more unconventional aspects of aromatherapy, massage therapy and myofascial release, Jan affirmed she “interprets the science behind each field of study to provide the best solution for every client.”
She also wants to provide her therapy and classes in an environment conducive to healing and learning. With that in mind, Jan renovated both her Overland Park and west Plaza locations to facilitate education as well as client visits. “Instead of having five individual treatment rooms, I now have two individual treatment rooms and one large classroom plus one room that’s set up more like a gym with Pilates equipment at the Overland Park location,” she described. She’s also refreshed the west Plaza location.

Take a Class!
With her extensive and varied fields of expertise, Jan is now embarking on sharing her knowledge with clients, fellow therapists and others in the physical therapy and rehabilitation space. “What I’m trying to do right now is to bring more education to the Kansas City metro area,” she said. Initially, Jan is offering one-hour classes on topics ranging from aromatherapy to easing muscle pain with ball-rolling techniques. She plans to offer in-person one-day or half-day aromatherapy workshops on “the chemistry of aromatherapy, the therapeutic safety of essential oils, and how to make oil blends that support what you want,” she noted. In addition to the in-person workshop, Jan is developing online courses that can be accessed remotely and completed at your own pace.

Looking for Therapists: Employees and Mentees
Are you a licensed therapist who is looking to establish or grow your current practice or are you interested in working for an established business with a great reputation? If so, reach out to Jan at Midwest Myofascial Release Center to learn more about mentorship and employment opportunities. Jan has grown her practice over the last 19 years. On average, she sees 40 clients a week and her schedule is so full that she’s rarely able to accept new clients. “I’m an expert level therapist. I’ve been doing some form of physical rehabilitation since I graduated in 1988,” she said. Jan wants to share her knowledge with interested and open-minded licensed therapists.

Her mentorship programs run six to twelve months and they explore every area of running a successful massage therapy and myofascial release business based on her own experience. If you’re looking to start or build your practice and want to learn from someone with a steady business and consistent clientele, Jan’s mentorship program could be right for you.

If you’d rather work for someone instead of owning your own business, Jan is also looking to add to her team by hiring a few licensed massage therapists who conduct themselves professionally and with kindness. The ideal candidate is a team player who prioritizes their client’s health and comfort while being willing to learn, and who would join fellow therapist Kristin Rolf as well as Jan at Midwest Myofascial Release Center. Kristin is an aromatherapist, visionary craniosacral therapist and long-time licensed aesthetician. Visit the website for more information about Kristin.

Center News
With Jan’s robust and varied experience and certifications, she is a wealth of knowledge. Whether you’re interested in learning how you can use myofascial release techniques to improve your patients’ or your own physical health, or you’d like to include aromatherapy in your daily life, Jan can help. Additionally, Midwest Myofascial Release Center now carries products for self-care and aromatherapy. Check out the Midwest Myofascial Release Center website about upcoming classes and get ready to improve your health.

Register online at or call the office at 913-343-9042 today.