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Alliance Massage: Personalized, Professional Massage

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Self-care, the practice of taking care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally so that you can be healthy in all facets of your life, comes in a variety of forms; each person’s idea of self-care is different. However, one common self-care theme is relaxation. Arguably, one of the best ways to relax is to give yourself or a loved one the gift of a personalized massage.

Whether you’re looking for a break from the stress of your busy life, need some help with joint or muscle pain, or want a moment to relax, reach out to Corey Huntsucker, owner of Alliance Massage Therapy, to schedule an appointment today. Corey is an experienced massage therapist whose motto is “Relax. Relief. Results.”

Marine Corps to Massage Therapist
Corey is a Kansas City native who was born and raised in the Northland. He served over ten years in the United States Marine Corps and happily returned to Kansas City when he completed his service. “Being in the military, I had a lot of soft tissue injuries and I got tired of having medication thrown at me, so I began researching different avenues to resolve that pain. Massage is where I felt most comfortable,” Corey said. After obtaining such positive results for himself with massage, he decided to become a therapist to help others. In 2012, he became licensed and in 2016 he began his own practice,

Alliance Massage Therapy.
Every year, Corey completes at least 40 hours of continuing education courses to keep his license up to date. He focuses on classes that add to his breadth and depth of knowledge, which in turn helps him improve the massages he provides. Corey loves “helping someone overcome a chronic issue and have a better quality of life from the treatment they receive from me.” Uniquely, while he’s providing a massage, he also benefits from the massage he provides. “When I get into the massage, I try to put myself in the same zone as the patient is going to be in during massage. It’s almost like a meditation,” said Corey.

Relax. Relief. Results.
Corey wants to meet you where you are and provide a massage that is tailored to your needs. “I think, with an independent massage therapist, you’re going to get a more personalized massage experience, which allows you to build a rapport with me,” he said. “Generally, before a massage, I’ll sit down with you and we’ll discuss your goals for the massage session, my philosophy, what you can expect on the massage table and give you an opportunity to ask any questions.” Corey will then customize your massage to your needs, which can include what music you’d like playing and adjusting the temperature of the massage table.

He focuses on providing therapeutic massages. “I use various techniques to achieve your goal. It may come in the form of static pressure on an area, myofascial release, compression and distraction of a joint, articulating the joints, or stretching the muscles or tissue in a certain area.” He can also provide a relaxing spa massage; it all depends on what the two of you decide during your consultation.

After your massage, he’ll check in with you to see how you’re feeling and what possible next steps should be. “My basic philosophy is that I want to get you living a better-quality life,” said Corey. To that end, he suggests you “take your time when selecting a massage therapist,” and always get a referral or check a therapist’s reviews thoroughly. “You want to make sure that their philosophy on massage aligns with yours.”

Giving Back
Not only does Corey strive to improve the lives of his patients, but he donates his time to many worthy groups in the community. “I’m active with the Boy Scouts even though both of my sons aged out many years ago. I also volunteer weekly at the Kansas City Veterans Hospital,” he shared. “I’m very involved with several organizations within the Freemasons, raising money for a school orchestra, sending ministers to the Holy Land and a Masonic charity gala to benefit stem cell research.” He’s passionate about giving back to the community where he grew up and now lives.
Corey is the sole massage therapist at Spa Catalina, conveniently located near NW 72nd Street and I-29 in the Northland. He has hours available Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “I really enjoy when my clients come in, have a great massage experience, and leave feeling positive,” he affirmed. That too is another form of self-care. Schedule your personalized massage today and allow Corey to help you “live a better, quality life.”

Visit, or call him at 816-500-2772.