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Just Sayin’

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Before my daughter was born, I imagined what she would be like. I thought back to what I was like as a little girl and figured she’d fall in love with all of the same things I did. Surely, she’d follow in my cheerleader footsteps! Um, no. Not even a little bit.

My husband was an athlete growing up. He played all the sports and even now golfs faithfully whenever the weather cooperates. He couldn’t wait to take his baby girl to the driving range, sign her up for T-ball, and buy her that first soccer ball.

I should clarify that back when I was a cheerleader, it was a lot different than what girls and boys are doing today. I couldn’t do a split, tumble or do half of what kids are now doing in the sport. And it truly is a sport. We didn’t compete.

So, even though our little Julianne did dabble in some cheer and once took a tumbling class, that’s not what captured her heart. Soccer became the love of her life, followed by basketball. I absolutely love watching her excel in every way mentally and physically with each season that passes.

Having been a part of a cheer squad, I recognized the value in teamwork. Watching my girl’s growth on the field and the court, I see its importance now from a parental perspective.

Weekdays are full of chaos with school, homework and practices. Our weekends aren’t really ours anymore. We are always at a game or a tournament. It feels like it’s all sports all the time with two kids playing several apiece. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. And I know I’m going to miss all of it when it’s over.


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