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Just Sayin’

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My co-host and dear friend, Mike Kellar, and his wife just welcomed their first child into the world eight months ago.

It has been really special to watch as he navigates his way through new parenthood. It has brought back a lot of memories! Some wonderful, some not-so-wonderful (i.e., sleep deprivation). But what it has really shown me is just how fast it all goes.

My little girl, Julianne Faith, will turn 13 this year. She made me a mama after a long infertility struggle. My son, Miles Parker, will be 11 this December (my 12/12/12 baby). They are growing up. They are becoming more independent. In some ways, it’s awesome! But I miss my babies. At the same time, I absolutely love my relationship with my big kids. We talk about everything (and I do mean everything). I love that they feel comfortable enough to come talk to me about all the things. One of my favorite times of the day is after my daughter takes her evening shower and we sit on her bed and she gives me all the middle school gossip. My son is currently testing his boundaries and has figured out the power of eye rolling. Jules went through this, too. Thankfully, it didn’t last long. I think she realized she was getting a lot further in life without the pre-teen attitude and all that goes with it!

There are hard days. Motherhood is truly a journey. What do people say? The days are long but the years are short. It’s so true. My radio partner is in the season of diapers, bottles, no sleep and sweet baby giggles. I’m about to buy a Mom’s Taxi bumper sticker and my social life is now completely non-existent as my new job is keeping track of their social and sports calendars! And you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

One day my husband and I will be empty nesters. We’ll have time for date nights and weekend getaways. I’m looking forward to it, but in the most bittersweet way. I’ll miss
this chaos.

Happy Mother’s Day. And if you’re still waiting for your miracle, my heart is with you. Hang in there. It’s worth the wait.


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