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Just Sayin’

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I posted this on social media recently:  “It’s not my story to tell. But, my co-host, Mike Kellar, isn’t returning to Q. What IS mine to tell is how much I love him, his wife and beautiful little girl. He’s become a brother to me. I’m Chandler’s Auntie and that simply can’t ever change. These people mean the world to me.

To say I’ve had the best years of my radio career with Mike would be an understatement. I’ve never laughed so hard or felt so respected.

I have a lump in my throat, I feel a little lost, to be honest. But what I do know is that God’s hand is in everything and I believe this is somehow part of the plan. It doesn’t change the hurt my heart feels.

Hang in there with me as we figure out what the Morning Drive looks like from here. And truly, treasure every moment with the ones you love and laugh with. Life can change so quickly.”

My life seems to go this way. Just when everything seems to be cruising right along, BOOM! Surprise! Big changes. So, I’m dealing with this like I have everything else that’s been thrown my way. I had my moment of burying my head in the sand. But my motto is and always has been “Get back up. Keep going.”

So, that’s my message this month. Just. Keep. Swimming. We learned that from Finding Nemo, right? No matter what you’re going through or what life has thrown your way recently, you’ve got this! We both do.