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Just Sayin’

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My sister lives in Maryland. That’s where we grew up. She went to college in Virginia, lived in Pennsylvania for a little while. But, ended up settling down in our hometown.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I moved to Florida at 18 and have called Kansas City home for nearly 20 years. I can appreciate that sleepy little town as an adult now with a family of my own. It’s beautiful with its rolling hills, farms and cows on every corner. But I just longed for more. Living at the beach in my 20s was definitely fantastic. But KC has my heart.
So, my sis came to visit a few weeks ago. My husband golfed, my son went to the lake with his bestie and my daughter had a soccer camp. So, we were able to have a true girls’ weekend! We shopped, ate, drank, shopped some more, ate some more and drank some more. We may have shopped some more. It’s definitely possible. We laughed and told stories from the past. At one point, we busted out my middle school yearbooks! There was a moment when I just stopped everything and gave her a giant hug. I thanked her for being my sister (although she didn’t have a choice in the matter). I love my husband. I treasure my friends. My kids are my world. But there is absolutely no one who knows me, my history, my heart or my truth like my sister.

Her kids are all adults now. I’m in pre-teen land with my ten-year-old son and almost-13-year-old daughter. I’m not so sure they even like each other at this stage. In fact, I’m sure they don’t. I keep telling them that one day. One day! They will not only like each other, they’ll realize that they truly do love each other and the bond they have is a special one.

Our brother passed away a few years ago. I know what the loss of a sibling feels like. A piece of my heart is missing and it can’t be replaced. Maybe that’s why I have extra appreciation for my sister and the bond we share. Have we had our moments? Yes. Arguments? Yes. Differences? Yes. But we both agree not to let anything come between us on any sort of permanent level. Life’s short and family is sacred.

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