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Just Sayin’

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I’ve been speaking publicly about my lifelong struggle with anxiety for a while. I remember when I had my first panic attack in my early 20s and how totally scared and isolated I felt. Those feelings only made it all worse. I wished so much that I had a friend to talk with who understood. Whenever I tried to talk to people about it, they’d just tell me to “relax.” Well, it doesn’t work like that.

I tried a zillion natural remedies. Nothing worked that well. So, I finally started taking medication for it after dealing with it for 40-plus years. It was a fantastic decision. I know everyone’s different, but for me, it’s been life changing. One example is that before I started taking it, travel was a huge trigger. Leaving my comfort zone made me a nervous wreck with an instant stomachache. I’m taking a trip (kid-free—go me!) this weekend and I am actually excited about it. I’m not fearful that the plane will crash or something terrible will happen at home while I’m away. That’s huge for me.

Health anxiety was my biggest issue. I was convinced I was dying every day of my life. I was so busy worrying about dying that I wasn’t really living. An example of my progress in this department is that at my most recent mammogram appointment, the doctor noticed a new spot. She feels confident that it’s nothing to worry about but will check me again in a few months to make sure. I allowed myself to trust her words and I haven’t thought much about it until just now. Again, that’s huge for me. Before, I would have WebMDd and Google searched until I found whatever terrible diagnosis existed on the internet. The new me realizes that is a complete waste of time and energy and what will be will be anyway.

So, I just wanted to continue to share my journey so that you know you’re not alone if you can relate to any of this! I never really thought I suffered from depression, but now I know they go hand in hand and I definitely had my fair share of that, too. Anxiety just covered it up a lot of times. Regardless, I am taking care of myself and doing what’s right for me to live my best life. I encourage you to do the same! Mind over matter. Faith over fear. Stay strong.

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