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Alyssa & Tom

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Alyssa Wathier and Tom Martinez might have encountered each other in their professional roles, but why leave that to chance? A mutual friend introduced this nurse and firefighter to each other, and the sparks flew!

Last June, Tom and Alyssa got a group of friends together and took a trip to Lake Powell for Tom’s 31st birthday. “On the first night that everyone was there, June 23, Tom made dinner for everyone and insisted on giving a speech,” Alyssa smiles. “After he introduced everyone and shared how we all knew each other, he said, ‘Alyssa, you think you brought me out here for my birthday, but

I brought you out here to ask you to marry me.’ It was sunset, and one of our friends set off fireworks over the lake; it was absolutely perfect. And I said ‘Yes!’”

Alyssa and Tom have set their wedding date for June 27, 2015, at the Cable Center on the Denver University campus. “We just want our wedding to be simple and elegant,” Alyssa shares. “Our colors are black, white and champagne. Tom is most excited about speeches and dances. And I’m most excited to have everyone I love in one room at the same time and the anniversary dance!”