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When you suffer from a musculoskeletal condition (which affects the muscles, ligaments, tendons
and/or bones), it is important to consult with a physician about the proper care and treatment of that condition. The musculoskeletal experts at Invision Sally Jobe, a network of imaging centers built and managed by Radiology Imaging Associates and HealthONE, can diagnose conditions such as sports injuries, arthritis, and compressed nerves using a relatively new technology called musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound.

Other common musculoskeletal conditions diagnosed by MSK ultrasound include tendon tears and ruptures, ligament tears and strains, muscle abnormalities, and soft tissue masses.

While MRI has traditionally been the primary imaging exam used to diagnose musculoskeletal conditions, recent advances in MSK ultrasound technology have given doctors and patients alike an excellent option that serves not to replace MRI, but to complement that exam.

Andrew Sonin, M.D., FACR and medical director of Invision Sally Jobe, explained this technology, which employs radiation-free high-frequency sound waves, and emphasized its distinct advantages.

“We think of the technology we have as a tool box,” explained Dr. Sonin. “And based upon the clinical
situation, we pick the right tool for the job.” “Because no radiation is used, the procedure is safe and can also be used on pregnant women,” he said. “There is no data to suggest any dangers in medical usage. Furthermore, the ultrasound equipment is more widely available and is less expensive to use on a per-exam basis compared to MRI.” However, he recognizes the value of MRIs and X-rays, as those also have their place within the diagnostic spectrum.

“X-rays are good for looking at bones for simple things such as fractures, arthritis and bone tumors,” he explained, and indicated that MRIs allow doctors to observe what is outside the scope of a typical X-ray, such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and joint fluid.

MSK ultrasound takes diagnostic imaging one step further by allowing the sonographer and physician to evaluate an area from different angles while providing a more complete evaluation of motioninduced symptoms. Because this can be done while the patient is moving, the source of the problem can often be more readily identified. Technicians and physicians can view images dynamically an observe a wide range of structures and how they move relative to one another in real time.

And through the use of that real-time guidance, MSK ultrasound can also be used to guide

“For example, ultrasound can be used to place needles into tendons, such as the Achilles, which is done to speed up the recovery or repair of the tendon, or it can also be used to inject certain blood products for this purpose,” stated Dr. Sonin.

Another significant advantage of MSK ultrasound is the immediate feedback it provides. “We generally use MSK ultrasound when one of our physicians is on hand,” said Dr. Sonin. “This allows the patient to receive immediate feedback on a preliminary basis and also enables us to communicate our findings with the referring physician right away to determine the best treatment for the clinical situation.”

Dr. Sonin indicated that Invision Sally Jobe’s MSK radiologists provide helpful diagnostic information to the treating physician who can then use that information to tailor the treatment plan appropriately.
In order to take advantage of the many benefits of this technology, the sonographer and radiologist must be experienced and properly trained. At Invision Sally Jobe, MSK ultrasound procedures are performed by highly skilled MSK sonographers. The results are read by a fellowship-trained MSK radiologist, a doctor specifically trained to interpret the ultrasound.

“It takes a significant in-depth understanding of this technology and we’ve hired only the best and the brightest individuals in the region based on overall expertise and experience,” emphasized Dr. Sonin. “Our practice is highly specialized and the only physicians who will interpret MSK MRIs and ultrasounds are fellowship-trained MSK radiologists.”

Though Invision Sally Jobe prides itself on being a leader in groundbreaking imaging techniques, their first priority is providing each patient with personalized, compassionate care. The caregivers at Invision Sally Jobe understand that many patients are dealing with an uncomfortable, or even painful, condition and therefore do all they can to reduce the stress and discomfort a patient
may be experiencing.

“Not many facilities offer high-quality musculoskeletal ultrasound and these are generally limited to university settings,” emphasized Dr. Sonin. “At Invision Sally Jobe, we are pleased to offer this cutting-edge technology with a university level of quality and sophistication in a private practice setting.”

While most insurance plans will cover the cost of the ultrasound examination, further consultation with your doctor is recommended to determine if MSK ultrasound is appropriate for your situation. The musculoskeletal radiologists at Invision Sally Jobe are always available for consultation with your physician to help make this determination. HLM

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