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Peyton DeCoite: Raising Goats Reinforced Her Career Path

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When Peyton DeCoite was a freshman at Merrill F. West High School in Tracy, California, she decided to raise market goats as a member of Future Farmers of America, or FFA.

Her sister, Cadence DeCoite, was her inspiration to take on this project. When Peyton was in seventh grade, Cadence had a goat. Peyton shared she was a bit jealous. She wasn’t old enough to get a goat and she thought it would be a great project to take on. Once in high school, she was inspired by her sister, advisors and friends to make this commitment.

When Peyton received income from selling a goat or received donations and sponsorships for her market goats, she put the money straight into a special savings account dedicated to her current and future FFA projects. Now that she is done raising goats, all the profit will go toward her college tuition. She has plans to go to a two-year college, then transfer to a four-year college.

Being involved in FFA has changed her life dramatically and in an amazing way. “I have gained so much confidence in public speaking and leadership skills. I have also made so many new friends from all around California,” Peyton shared. “I have met these people through conferences, CDEs, LDEs and the San Joaquin County AgFest Fair. I have also created terrific bonds with my advisors that have helped support me through this journey. My goal for the future is to continue being extremely involved in FFA and the agriculture community. I plan to major in agriculture sciences and maybe one day become an ag teacher. I would be a third-generation teacher in my family!”