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Sherry Glines: Gracious Steward of a Nurturing Space

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Before she retired in 2007, Sherry Leddy Glines was a traveling CFO for psychiatric hospitals. Her expertise was always in demand and kept her moving from one locale to another; she often navigated snow and bitter storms to get the job done. “I was a California girl; I wasn’t used to that kind of winter!” she said. “Six months in Chicago, then Oregon, then Ohio. In Virginia we had a hurricane and I had to spend the night sleeping on the floor in the hospital!” Perhaps it’s no surprise that “cozy” and “comfort” figure so largely in her decorating style to this day.

As a CFO, precision was everything, creativity not so much. Sherry never thought she was artistic whatsoever during those years. It was only later, when she received her first set of acrylic paints as a gift from her now-grown kids, that she discovered a love of painting. A gorgeous rendition of a red barn hangs over her fireplace and Sherry nodded when asked if she painted it. “It’s very therapeutic” she said, smiling. Her style is a far cry from the pinpoint exactitude of managing hospital finances. “I’m not super into details; I’m more impressionistic,” she explained. Although Sherry sees painting as a hobby, she recently produced a series of angels that were sold to benefit the Animal Protection League. She continues to create her serene impressionist works as inspiration strikes and she has painted several series of churches and old barns set in peaceful landscapes, all gentle yet vibrant, like the artist herself.

Skill Sets
The years of working at one hospital after another are behind her, but Sherry isn’t letting her financial expertise languish. She does all the bookkeeping for several local establishments, including her son-in-law’s produce company and her son’s boat repair business, and she spends at least three days per week at TrendE, her daughter Erica’s Elk Grove clothing boutique. Erica Jordan inherited her mom’s hospitality gene and regularly organizes parties for her customers featuring charcuterie and champagne, much to their delight. “There weren’t a lot of boutiques in Elk Grove,” Sherry related. “The customers are very appreciative, plus we have a lot of Stockton and Lodi shoppers who come by regularly to check out the latest apparel, gifts and jewelry.” For every purchase, TrendE donates $1 to a select charity. “We call it Purchase with Purpose and it’s a nice way for us to give back.”

Giving back is something Sherry does very generously at her own residence as well, where she and her husband, Tim, have hosted numerous charitable events, including the Garden Fair, Policeman’s Ball and several weddings. “I just like people to enjoy it,” she affirmed. “When we moved in, we met what we like to call our Ladies of the Lawn, two garden experts who had been tending the property since it was built.” The ladies told her that, of all the owners, she was the only one who worked hands on in the garden. Sherry especially enjoys filling the pots and containers with colorful flowers throughout the year and finds that hosting special events gives her an added incentive to make sure everything looks its very best.

Peaceful Environment
Beside the grand drive stands an elegant, tiered fountain welcoming guests and beckoning them to enter. Redwoods and heritage oaks abound, some more than a century in age. These grand trees preside over the stately Southern traditional home, its dove gray elevation crisply edged with white trim. Tucked among the trees, just behind the home, sits a charming art studio, built by a friend’s son, where Sherry goes to create, and where she encourages her grandchildren to paint when they visit. As if nestled in a forest, the quiet is punctuated only by birds and busy squirrels. The stillness feels lush and timeless, the perfect setting for creativity to flow.

Approximately three acres, the property is landscaped specifically to create the sense of “rooms” or special areas in the garden. Whether one is lounging beside the crystalline swimming pool, visiting the gazebo or strolling the lawns, each area provides a unique experience. The koi pond is large enough to entertain the grandkids racing on kayaks; it’s surrounded by crape myrtle trees whose brilliant blooms explode with color mid-summer while Japanese maples, calla lilies and lush ferns thrive in the cool shade beneath. Three large egret statues nestle among the plants, creating extra visual interest, while on the other side of the pond mature pines line the perimeter of a sprawling lawn with a hammock and Adirondack chairs for relaxing and enjoying the view. The gazebo overlooks the pond and serves as a beautiful spot for photos and portraits, especially at dusk when the fountains are illuminated, creating a magical ambiance.

Behind the pond, a massive fig tree grows beside lemon, orange and grapefruit trees. Nearby, a shadowy nook is home to Sherry’s “frog garden,” a charming display of stone amphibians merry making around a fountain, all gifts from family and friends. In addition to the art studio, there is a play area for the kids. It includes a playhouse painted to match the house, kid-size lounge chairs complete with umbrella, a swing set and a trampoline. Walkways meander throughout the property, connecting the different areas. “I love walking with the dogs every morning, taking in the beauty of my surroundings,” she described. Framed by verdant hedges, the expansive landscape features bronze statues and an array of hydrangeas, white baby roses and agapanthus, all blooming seasonally among the white birch trees and Japanese maples. It’s no surprise that Sherry said “the yard,” as she humbly calls it, is her favorite part of the residence.

Elegant Comfort
Touring the home’s interior is every bit as wonderful as walking the gardens. In the foyer, a large round table makes a stunning first impression, adorned with Jan Barbaglio accessories in a chinoiserie theme while a 1918 Steinway grand piano, an anniversary gift, sits in the alcove. A beautiful iron stairway winds gracefully up to the guest bedrooms and, Sherry noted, “it provides a great photo spot for showcasing a bride.” Designed with comfort and beauty in mind, the guest bedrooms feature French doors and large balconies overlooking the grounds. They are nicknamed The King’s Room and The Queen’s Room, a nod to the more masculine and feminine decor of each, while The Grandkids’ Room has three twin beds and whimsical art, making it a space they dearly love to visit.

The office, just off the foyer, showcases a Resolute desk, a replica of the President’s desk in the Oval Office. It has the open door made famous by little John-John Kennedy as he peeped out while his dad, John F. Kennedy, worked. “I’ve replicated that photo using my small grandkids!” Sherry laughed. Across the extra-wide hallway is the formal dining room where Sherry keeps the table decorated year-round highlighting different themes and holidays. “From a beautiful chinoiserie and lemons theme to using my grandmother’s Franciscan apple dishes and creating a festive apple theme, it’s one of my favorite things to do!”

In the formal living room, white sofas face one another over a gleaming marble-topped coffee table from CR Porter Home. Large bookcase armoires flank the fireplace, adding to the room’s cozy elegance that is further enhanced by a Persian rug more than 100 years old. A collection of Sid Dickens tiles adorns one wall, while accessories and pillows unify the room with a teal blue color scheme. Just down the hall, the Primary Suite features a boutique-style closet, which, to Sherry’s surprise, came with a washer and dryer. At first, she thought it was excessive and that she would never need them. Now, totally won over by its practicality, she said, “It’s a new must-have for me!”

Sherry described the family room as “truly all inclusive. Our two rescue German shepherds are the main accessories here. The decor is casual, and our well-behaved dogs know the furniture is off limits!” The adjacent five-car garage is partially occupied by Tim’s woodworking shop, where he creates frames for her art, among other things. Above the garage is a 1,200-square-foot apartment with all the amenities of a home. It is beautifully decorated by Tammy Kelley and truly embraces a cozy nest aesthetic enhanced by the views that overlook the grounds.

True to Tradition
An avid fisherman, Tim enjoyed boating on the California Delta, but ultimately he fell in love with Clearlake, where the couple eventually bought a second home. Built into a hillside, it overlooks the lake where Tim and guests enjoy fishing for largemouth bass. The climate and deer are not conducive to a garden, but the motto is “all fishermen welcome!”

Sherry, however, was raised in Watsonville, and she longed to spend time closer to the coast. She had several friends in Carmel and was thrilled when she found the perfect investment, a 1980 Cotswold-style cottage right next door to one of them. “I love a project!” she said with delight. Guided by her interior designer, Tammy Kelley, renovations began and soon the cottage was bursting with charm inside and out. The Carmel climate keeps flowers blooming year-round. Just inside the quaint wooden gate, primroses, cyclamen, begonias, heathers and boxwoods create a joyful symphony of color along a winding brick path leading toward the front door.

The interior, furnished in peaceful shades of light blues and greens, has whitewashed cabinets, pale hardwood floors, woven wood blinds and plump white slipcovered sofas and chairs perfect for entertaining or just enjoying some quiet time. “A visitor once described sitting beside the wood burning fireplace as like getting a warm hug,” Sherry smiled. She also took extra care with the backyard sitting area to ensure the comfort of her guests. “It’s an ideal spot to enjoy a nice charcuterie and wine from one of the many surrounding wineries.”

Sherry is a talented decorator in her own right but prefers to give all credit to her interior designer, Tammy Kelley. “She was instrumental in helping me stay true to the architecture of each home, from my traditional Southern to the lakeside cabin and Carmel cottage beach house styles. At the time we furnished these homes, Tammy owned CR Porter Home in Lincoln Center. We went to market in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to purchase furnishings and accessories. Tammy has since sold CR Porter and continues to offer design services as TK Designs.”

Whether she’s carefully tending to the business of bookkeeping, designing a garden or creating a space to nurture loved ones, Sherry always focuses with gratitude on the positives, her family, grandchildren and friends. “I give thanks every single day for the many, many blessings in life.”