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Alyssa Martinez

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Native Stocktonian Alyssa Martinez, a local small business owner, recently sat down with HERLIFE Magazine to discuss her family, involvement in the community and dreams for the future.

HLM: What do you love most about where you and your family live?
AM: I was born and raised here, and what I love are the people I have built a family and community with and my loved ones. I have been given so many amazing opportunities and met so many good people along the way.

HLM: How is your heart inspired to serve the community?
AM: I serve because I believe the more you do for others, the more you do for yourself.

HLM: What sparks joy for you?
AM: New experiences and all the beauty life has to offer. Being able to travel, see new places, meet new people have all given me the opportunity to experience new cultures and see parts of the world I though I would see only in movies. I’m always ready for the next adventure.

HLM: What’s your free time passion?
AM: I’m outdoors, hiking, gardening or out with my dog. Aside from that, self-care is a must and I enjoy a good spa day or day out with girlfriends at a winery.

HLM: Top three bucket list goals?
AM: Being able to visit every continent at least once; see my family and loved ones live a happy and healthy life; make sure I pass on to my future kids the lessons and experiences my grandmothers have given me.

HLM: Can you describe a key event that had an impact on your life?
AM: COVID-19 and the year 2020. Before COVID shutdown, I was in school and finishing nursing prerequisites; when things closed down it gave me a different outlook on how I would be spending my days. On a positive note, it also gave me a chance to redirect things when schools and the world were closed for a bit. I never did think I would be owning Only Boards, a charcuterie business, and I’ve never enjoyed something so much.

HLM: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
AM: My drive and ability to be creative. No matter the goal or task, I will make sure it gets done, and I love that my job allows me to be so expressive and creative.

HLM: Do you have a favorite quote?
AM: “Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.” ~Mandy Hale

HLM: What are you currently reading?
AM: Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success by Courtney Reum and Carter Reum.

HLM: Favorite food or dessert?
AM: Mexican, and tacos always win. I love classic tacos with a lot of spice. And I have a big sweet tooth. Some days I just order dessert first because I want to make sure I don’t run out of room. A good fruit pie with ice cream or anything Oreo flavored has my name all over it.