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Artesian Natural Foods: Proactive Health and Wellness

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While health and wellness are a lifelong pursuit, Leslie Brennan, owner of Artesian Natural Foods, sees more seniors than ever taking a proactive interest in optimizing their own aging process. Rather than viewing decline as inevitable, they’re taking action to protect their physical and mental well-being. That means educating themselves, exercising, eating wholesome foods and taking the appropriate supplements. It’s something Leslie relates to personally, saying, “I’m 70 years old!” Most wouldn’t guess her age, because, she points out, “I practice what I preach.”

Leslie stresses that exercise is good for both body and brain “not just insofar as blood flow, but for coordination; strength and movement are a brain workout too,” she said. Having seen an enormous surge in customers looking for ways to protect and improve their cognitive health, she noted, “The interest in cognition has really spiked. And that’s a good thing, because there is a lot you can do about that and get real results.

Be Proactive
“Exercise and diet are the top two things recommended for all chronic diseases,” Leslie reiterated. “That applies to prevention as well as treatment. We have two gyms right here in Lincoln Center with trainers who are experts at guiding people like me in maintaining their balance and strength. Honestly, it’s one of the very best things I’ve ever done for myself in my entire life. I cannot risk falling. I need to stay strong. Supplements are very effective and important, but they are an addition to diet and exercise, not a substitute. There’s no diet and exercise pill,” she laughed.

Leslie and her husband, Mike, have owned Artesian Natural Foods for 15 years and she feels immense gratitude to him and their staff for all they have built and what they stand for. She said, “I just could not do this without my better half, Mike, and I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams to always have the most astounding staff.” Her gratitude extends to her upbringing and her father, who was always “into health foods,” took her to health food stores when she was a kid and concocted “little health drinks” to start the day. “He even grew all our family’s fruits and vegetables on our residential corner lot. I miss him,” she said wistfully.

Top Quality
Leslie and Mike work diligently to ensure their store stocks a wide variety of carefully selected snacks and foods such as “very humanely raised” grass-fed meats, including what she says is “the best pork ever,” top-quality poultry and other organic/non-GMO products, all meticulously selected, ingredient lists scrutinized and manufacturers vetted. “My suppliers know that I will not purchase certain ingredients,” she shared. “People really need to know where their food is coming from and what’s in it.”

Another highlight that can be hard to find elsewhere is Artesian’s impressive selection of healthy, fair-trade chocolate. Leslie educates her customers on the importance of naturally sweetened treats, explaining that refined sugar creates an addictive cycle whereas chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar is satisfying in small amounts. Her specialty cocoas and chocolates are a great way to get the benefits of chocolate without the downside.

“Post-pandemic, people have changed. They still seek nutritious foods, but stress, sleep issues and anxiety are the new focus to this day,” Leslie observed. Artesian offers a wealth of effective approaches to these problems, but Leslie cautions that people need to be careful about unproven trends they might see on social media. “Sometimes there’s a tendency to jump on board without asking, ‘Is that right for me?’”

Seeking Effectiveness
To that end, Leslie said, “We like to connect with the customers to be sure they’re buying a product that will truly help them.” Over the years, certain products have proved consistently effective, such as dietary turmeric and ginger for pain relief, black seed oil and devil’s claw for inflammation, and topical CBD oil or lotion for pain relief. The effectiveness of these natural products is better recognized these days by the medical industry as evidenced by the many customers sent by their doctor or nutritionist. “I don’t give medical advice, but I can help people find what they need and show them pertinent reference books and resource materials.”

Leslie said without hesitation, “The number one thing shoppers are really surprised by is our prices. It’s one of the things I learned along the way: Give people the very best deal possible. I don’t want people to have to wait for a sale to get what they need. We stock our inventory in enough volume that we can keep the prices down. A lot of big stores don’t pass those savings on to their customers but we do.

“I want more than anything to empower people to help themselves,” Leslie affirmed. It’s a theme that runs deep. She consistently encourages everyone, urging them, “Get in touch with your own well-being; don’t put anyone else in charge of your health. You can be empowered, spiritually, physically; you have the ability to do what you need to do.”

Wise words from one who knows.

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