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Mercedes-Benz of Stockton: History in the Making

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By Alexandra Kreuger

Did you know that Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest car companies in the world? It’s true. Carl Benz, the latter half of the company’s namesake, developed the world’s first automobile, which ran for the first time in 1879.

With so much history to draw upon, it’s no wonder that the Berberian family was drawn to the Mercedes-Benz and Volvo dealership. In August of 1989, more than a century after Carl Benz’s historic invention, the family decided to purchase the dealership and transform it into the crown jewel of Stockton’s automotive industry that we know and love today.
Fast forward to 2016, when the dealership retired the Volvo franchise and began construction on the new Mercedes-Benz dealership in north Stockton on Trinity Parkway. Brian Martucci, general manager and dealer operator at Mercedes-Benz of Stockton, remembers it well. “We celebrated our grand opening with over 500 people including clients, Mercedes-Benz corporate officials and local community leaders,” he said.

Since then, the local dealership has become a symbol of the finer things in life for the Stockton community. “We are the premier luxury brand company in San Joaquin County, and our mission is to sell and service the finest automobiles made in the world,” shared Brian.

Teamwork a Plus
As the general manager and dealer operator at Mercedes-Benz of Stockton, Brian takes great pride in his role, emphasizing the importance of leadership and teamwork in ensuring the dealership’s success. “As a leader, it is my pleasure to have the responsibility for our dealership’s success. But with that, I fully appreciate that my leadership role means mostly to encourage, promote and appreciate our talented and experienced team,” he noted.

The incredible staff at Mercedes-Benz Stockton includes the executive team of sales managers, service, parts and workshop managers, financial and operational business managers, and the many staff working with clients to find them their perfect vehicle. “Our dealership is committed to empowering and educating our staff so they can serve our customers to the best of their ability,” said Brian. “We always emphasize that our business grows and endures, not just because of our brand, but because of our clients.”

Community Involvement
But the team at Mercedes-Benz of Stockton doesn’t just sell luxury cars; they’re also dedicated to giving back to the community. The dealership consistently supports various local organizations, including the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Emergency Food Bank and local schools. Additionally, the team actively participates in fundraising events such as the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. What’s more, the dealership also contributes to community hospitals in San Joaquin County. “It’s not just the money you spend, it’s the time you give as well that matters, so we encourage all our staff and management to be involved in the community,” Brian reported. “Our distributor, MBUSA, provides tremendous support for dealers to be involved in the community, including vehicle events and sponsorships for community outreach.”

And just like serving their community, when it comes to serving their clients, the team at Mercedes-Benz of Stockton doesn’t mess around. “We strive to deliver an unparalleled level of service to our clients, because it’s the service that defines a true luxury experience,” Brian explained. “Our goal is to make our processes as easy and convenient as possible for our clients and our staff.” This commitment to service has resulted in Mercedes-Benz of Stockton being ranked number one in client service by MBUSA. They also consistently meet and exceed strict dealer performance standards.

Economic Impact
Beyond selling luxury vehicles and serving their community, Mercedes-Benz of Stockton is also a key player in the local economy. The dealership employs over 90 local individuals and actively engages with several local businesses in an active effort to keep money within the local community. And with annual sales exceeding $100 million, the state and local sales taxes generated by the dealership contribute in a major way to Stockton’s prosperity. “I think it’s vital to be involved with our community to help local people and businesses right here in Stockton, Lodi and the whole Central Valley,” said Brian. “We’re honored to be a leader in our community and we try to set an example with our involvement.”

Mercedes-Benz of Stockton is more than a luxury car dealership; it’s a historic part of the community, an example of exceptional customer service and a dedicated supporter of local organizations and businesses. With Brian Martucci at the helm, the dealership continues to adapt, grow and serve as an integral force in the Stockton economy and community. “We’re proud to be the premier family-owned, local, luxury brand of Stockton and the Central Valley,” Brian affirmed. “Our dealership is part of an ever-changing industry with new technologies and challenges surfacing all the time, and I’m proud that we continue to endure and perform at a high level.”

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