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Frosted Flour: Confections That Surprise All the Senses

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“Everyone loves dessert!” exclaimed Lisa Hassett, owner of Lodi’s charming bakery, Frosted Flour, where she’s been operating on that scientific truth since opening in 2010. “There is always a wedding, a birthday party, anniversary, baby shower or other celebration, and since sweets go hand in hand with celebrations, it’s been a natural fit from the very start.”

At just 16, Lisa began decorating cakes for friends and family. With practice and some classroom training, her skills evolved and word got around about her baking. People really loved her cakes and began asking if they could order them in advance. Lisa was thrilled and it wasn’t long before she had more orders than she could make on her own. The obvious solution was to hire like-minded, talented bakers, so Lisa rose to the challenge and did exactly that. Thus, her business began. Now she beams when talking about her staff, a lively band of talented bakers and artists who turn out imaginative new flavors and items every single week.

Creative Cakery
Her schedule includes numerous consultations with wedding planners and brides-to-be who know they can trust Frosted Flour to create the wedding cake of their dreams. In addition to extraordinary cakes for all occasions, Frosted Flour is known for their delicious specialty cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and other delightful confections. Lisa encourages her crew to experiment and “play with new ideas,” which has resulted in a product lineup like no other. Name a flavor or a combination and they’ve probably done it, but in ways you never thought of.

That fun, creative approach has led to baking and decorating classes in which Frosted Flour instructors share their secret techniques with an eager audience. “People come from Sacramento all the time, both to pick up treats and to attend our classes,” Lisa said. “And those classes fill up quickly!” Private classes at Frosted Flour are often themed for the season or upcoming holidays. Not just for individuals, the classes are also a big draw with companies looking to hold imaginative and memorable group events.

Naturally, the calendar is a driving force, Lisa explained. “Every major holiday is busy for us, but Valentine’s Day is especially so. We go all out creating special and unique items for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Days, and we get a huge number of special orders for graduation, Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Lisa often collaborates with other businesses whenever they want to sell her products. For example, her staff can create custom cookies or other treats that allow these other businesses to enhance the experience of their customers by offering products they might not have the resources to make efficiently in-house.

Community Connections
“We love to support other small businesses,” she said. Besides providing baked goods for other businesses to sell, Lisa described another example of supporting one another during the prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns. “We all helped each other make deliveries and just whatever was needed. And we still believe that part of doing business is giving back and investing in the community. We donate to select charities and worthy causes, buy supplies locally whenever possible and always support our first responders.”

In addition to Lisa’s connection to the community, she has a deep and heartfelt attachment to her employees. “We all learn from each other as we work and create together. I have so much appreciation and respect for them. They are the best employees; they are massively talented and play a significant role in our business success. Without my family, friends and, most importantly, our loyal customers, we wouldn’t be here. I am so very grateful for all of them!” she affirmed.

Lisa encourages anyone who has a dream to pursue it and she uses herself as an example. “I didn’t go to the Culinary Institute of America or the Cordon Bleu; I didn’t have that level of formal training. But through personal passion, many cookbooks, research, trial and error, and from my very talented employees, some of whom did graduate from formal cooking schools, I learned. So, if it’s your dream, go for it!”

Visit Frosted Flour, 904 West Lodi Avenue, Lodi, California, or call 209-369-2253.