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Locks & Pulls: Small Touches Make Big Statements

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All building renovation or new construction projects are defined by decisions big and small. When you’re entrenched in the decision-making process, it’s easy to focus on the largest items, either in terms of size or cost, but it’s important to remember that it’s often the smaller items, the detail pieces, that make big statements and showcase the character of a home or business. Spending time to consider how unique cabinet or drawer pulls might make you feel in the morning as you’re getting ready in your renovated bathroom or making dinner in your new kitchen is as significant as considering the look and feel of a door knob every time a customer enters your business or you go room to room in your home. These “little things” can take a space from functional to extraordinary.

Locks and Pulls, the area’s premier source for decorative hardware, understands that if you want your household or business to truly represent you and your aesthetic, purchasing the right decorative hardware is worth the price, time and effort. Those personal detail pieces make a house into a home and transform a business from sterile to welcoming. At Locks and Pulls, you can find the best selection and inventory of ornamental door, bath and kitchen hardware in the Kansas City metro area. As their motto says, “If you can’t find it here, you probably won’t.”

Experienced, Knowledgeable Staff
When you arrive at a Locks and Pulls store, expect to be greeted by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable employee ready to consult with you about your project needs. They will take the time to listen to your project plans and help you find the perfect hardware to fit your vision. From the smallest closet in a cozy condo to a top-tier executive suite, Locks and Pulls has the product selection and inventory to meet your needs. Homeowners, professional designers, residential and commercial builders all seek the expertise of Locks and Pulls staff to plan and source their projects.

If you want to refresh your kitchen or bath or build a mansion or condo, the experienced personnel at Locks and Pulls will sit down with you to view their vast selection of products and determine the perfect pieces to make your personal space more your own. These long-time professionals are knowledgeable about current trends, understand the pros and cons of using various hardware in one situation versus another, and have access to a varied selection of products, some of which are exclusive to Locks and Pulls beyond the metro area to one-state radius or more.

Unparalleled Products, Unbeatable Inventory
Locks and Pulls has the selection and inventory to help you “make a statement by adding in the touches that add your character to your living space,” said Adam Hensley, owner of Locks and Pulls. Their curated collection of decorative hardware includes more than 20,000 items from over 100 manufacturers that run from functional basics to unique and exclusive and from enduring classics to hot trends.

“The current trend is black. Black with black. Black with mixed metals. Black and gold. Black and polished nickel. Black and satin brass,” Adam shared. Customers also are drawn to modern, contemporary, clean lines. Locks and Pulls can help you update your space with trending five-inch, six-inch, or even seven-inch pulls. “By adding in these big, bold hardware statements, you truly add character to your living space.”

The knobs and pulls you find at a huge box store can also be found at Locks and Pulls for a similar or better price, and you can also find a wide array of rare items from high-end manufacturers that you won’t find elsewhere in the Midwest. Manufacturers they carry include Emtek, Classic Brass, Waterstreet Brass, Armac Martin, Ashley Norton, Rocky Mountain Hardware and many more.

Because they have the unmatched inventory to see your project to completion, there is no need to run from store to store to purchase enough product. Their staff will consult with you to ensure you leave with every item you need for your installation. Locks and Pulls strives to be your one-stop shop for all of your decorative hardware needs. “We do everything we can to not send somebody elsewhere. If we have access to a product, we’re going to do everything we can to get it to the customer,” Adam said.

Best Local Source
Locks and Pulls, locally owned and family operated, has been the premier retail source for Kansas City metro customers seeking everyday decorative hardware solutions and unique statement pieces for more discerning tastes since 1986. Visit one of their stores, conveniently located in Overland Park and Kansas City North, and let Locks and Pulls assist you in designing the small touches that will make a big statement in your home and let your character shine through.

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