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Inspired Closets: Simplify Life with Beautiful and Functional Spaces

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If you want to make your home more livable for you and your loved ones, consider the best way to optimize your space. Inspired Closets knows how to create beautiful and functional spaces from your entryway to your entertainment center and everything in between. Alleviate the stress of daily tasks by installing a custom solution from Inspired Closets. Christine Fee, owner of Inspired Closets Kansas City, said, “We love transforming people’s spaces into beautiful, functional areas that create a positive impact on their daily lives.”

The Inspired Closets team works with homeowners, real estate agents, builders and interior designers to create attractive solutions for your closet and pantry, garage and laundry room, home office and entertainment area, mudroom or entryway. They even offer Murphy beds to optimize space in guest rooms or smaller bedrooms. “Our solutions really help reduce stress and provide a great value to our clients at a great price,” Christine affirmed.

Spring Cleaning with Inspired Closets
With the advent of spring often comes spring cleaning. Maybe the change of seasons is the reason you need to reorganize your garage or garden shed to prepare for your garden, or maybe you’re ready to spruce up your home office or master bedroom closet and spring into a fresh start. Let Inspired Closets help. When you visit their showroom, you’ll be greeted with a smile. Christine said, “When potential clients enter the showroom they always go, ‘Wow!’” It’s beautiful, welcoming and amazingly organized.

The first step toward your own Inspired Closet solution is to enjoy a free consultation with an Inspired Closets certified designer with whom you will discuss your needs and wants, consider layout, color and finishes, and review samples of their premium products. “We have the best products,” Christine described. “We have thermally fused laminate instead of melamine. All our edge banding is 2 mm, which really distinguishes our product from others. We also pay attention to the details when it comes to trim. Our goal is to make sure that everything looks just perfect.”
With your designer, you’ll create a design customized to your needs that includes a 3D rendering of your custom closet. Christine and her team will help you prepare for the installation, which is handled by certified installers. When everything is complete, you’ll be left with a clean and gorgeous space that makes every inch count. “We want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied. We invest in our employees to help them exceed the client’s expectations,” she smiled. One way Christine guarantees her clients’ satisfaction is through affordability. “We always offer the best pricing from the very beginning.”

Trending in 2023
Christine and her team have their fingers on the pulse of what’s new in organizing beautiful and functional spaces. “In 2023, you’ll see closets draw inspiration from other areas of the home as homeowners seek to bring their favorite design ideas into their most personal space. Things like lighting will include overhead light fixtures, recessed lighting, lighted shelving and task lighting that can be dimmed as needed. Center islands in closets also give the homeowner the added counter space for packing and folding clothes and offer additional storage underneath,” Christine continued.

“As you see in home design, lighter wood tones, like our New Natural color, will combine with brushed gold accents to create a warmer feel,” she said. “Outside of closets, garage organization will become a bigger conversation as many homeowners look to maximize every square inch of space, and custom, built-in coffee bars pull from restaurant trends and help homeowners navigate the reality of hybrid work schedules.”

Let Inspired Closets Inspire You
Conveniently located off 91st Street and Quivira Road, the Inspired Closets showroom is a feast for the eyes and filled to the brim with inspiring ideas. “The adorable children’s closet is right in front of you when you walk in with the very functional yet beautiful entryway on your left,” Christine described the showroom. There’s also a master closet, laundry room, pantry, office with a Murphy bed, a built-out garage and, finally, an entertainment center. The showroom feels welcoming, attractive and efficient, just like you want your spaces to be. Schedule a consultation today by calling the showroom or booking an appointment online and let Inspired Closets design a custom organization solution around you and your life.

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