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Dr. Levi Young’s New KC Ambulatory Surgery Center: 100 Percent Dedicated to Cosmetic Surgery

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You may know of Dr. Levi Young’s Advanced Cosmetic Surgery practice, but did you know that he now has a surgicenter fully dedicated to performing cosmetic surgery? Dr. Young’s Advanced Cosmetic Surgery is a thriving practice that has grown since he opened his doors eight years ago. With the addition of the surgicenter, Dr. Young said, “I think the quality of the entire experience, from my office to the surgery center to the follow ups, is a great way to deliver a comprehensive cosmetic surgery experience and excellent results.”

New Cosmetic Surgicenter
Dr. Young is happy to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Kansas City Ambulatory Surgery Center. “Last September, I opened up a new surgery center with several other cosmetic surgeons and that’s where I now take all my surgeries,” Dr. Young said. “It’s 100 percent cosmetic surgery there, and I think we’re delivering a better quality of experience by doing it that way.” If you’re familiar with Dr. Young, you know that cosmetic surgery is his sole focus. “I opened my practice in 2015 and I’ve done 100 percent cosmetic surgery the entire time. It’s kind of the cherry on top for me to now have a surgicenter that’s dedicated to cosmetic surgery as well.”

The surgicenter is located at 135th Street and Mission Road, close to Dr. Young’s Advanced Cosmetic Surgery office conveniently located at 135th Street and Roe Avenue. Both facilities are in the Overland Park-to-Leawood corridor of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery professionals.

Stellar Staff, Excellent Client Experience
Since Advanced Cosmetic Surgery opened in 2015, Dr. Young and his staff have evolved and grown into a well-oiled machine. “I think I have great office staff. From the moment a patient has their first consultation, they spend a lot of time interacting and conversing with my staff, who do an excellent job,” he said. “My team has been with me for several years and they make the patient’s experience good. They’re very knowledgeable about everything from the procedures to the best way to handle various situations. My staff takes the whole experience up a level to provide a better-than-average experience.”

Dr. Young’s patients love the way his surgery makes them look. “There’s such a satisfaction to see the end result; it’s so profound. Some women cry because they’re so happy with the changes they see,” Dr. Young shared. And it’s not only the patients who are thrilled. “I had the husband of a breast augmentation patient in the other day, and he said, ‘Doc, when we first started this process, I was really skeptical. In fact, I didn’t want her to do anything. I was against it. But now? Well, you did a really good job.’” Certainly, it is the patient’s happiness that Dr. Young is most concerned with; however, having the patient’s loved one’s support and approval of the procedure’s results is a bonus.

Dr. Young also does revision surgery. “I have a patient who’d had breast augmentation out of town and had a complication resulting in the removal of one of her implants. The standard practice is, if you take it out, you leave it out for six months before you put it back in. So, she was very asymmetric,” Dr. Young said. “She was told by the original surgeon that he couldn’t fix the breast. Sometimes patients are told strange things by other surgeons or told there’s nothing that can be done about a problematic previous procedure. I love working with those patients because I’m often able to help them, which makes a huge difference in their lives and I’m happy to help get them there.”

Camp Moja
Dr. Young gives back to the community, and his special focus is Camp Moja. “I had an aunt with Down syndrome. There’s a one-week camp every summer in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, Camp Moja. It is a summer camp for mentally disabled adults. My aunt used to go to this camp. My father and mother were active and eventually I became active with the camp. One of my brothers still attends the camp every year and my daughter was a counselor this summer. I’ve donated to the camp budget for the last five years or so.” Dr. Young said. “It’s a really cool camp and near and dear to my heart.” Giving back to Camp Moja and the greater KC community is as important to Dr. Young as performing cosmetic surgery that results in smiles on his patients’ faces.

Schedule a Consultation Today
If you’re considering having a cosmetic procedure done, schedule a consultation with Dr. Young. “I’m eight years into my private practice and I feel that my staff and I have hit a stride where we’re really delivering a great experience. We’re having a lot of fun with the business, and I think our patients benefit from our positive outlook and excitement about our work,” he affirmed.

Visit to learn more about the surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments his office offers. For information about the Kansas City Ambulatory Surgery Center, visit or call 913-353-9123.