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Hinge Woodworks Customizing Your Spaces

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Q: What makes cabinetry “high-end”?

A: Many features will make a cabinet high-end. Here are a couple of examples to show the difference. Tight tolerances in gaps usually are the quick analysis of the quality of the cabinet. Also, if it is a wood veneer, grain matching can be another quick reference on the quality. For higher-end work, we want the cabinets to feel like furniture and all the grain of the wood to line up.
Instead of having to stay to the standard 30” cabinet height and cabinet widths of 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” to fit the space they go in, custom cabinets will use all the space and are made to any specific width or height to keep all the lines tight. If a client would like a mitered countertop that is 3 inches thick instead of 3mm thick, the cabinets get adjusted in the design phase to account for all conditions. If a client is shorter in height and a 36” countertop is not desired, we account for that as well and make it whatever height is comfortable.

Q: What is the newest trend you see today?

A: Today we are seeing more customized closets that incorporate a coffee bar. If the master bedroom is far away from the kitchen or on a different level, clients will add the coffee bar to their closet. Typically, this will have a small sink, refrigerator drawers and the coffee station.

Tom Moody, the owner and founder of Hinge Woodworks, graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in interior architecture. Hinge Woodworks takes the millworker industry back to high-quality craftsmanship and specializes in architectural millwork, custom furniture, remodels and high-end cabinetry. The goal of Hinge Woodworks is to provide quality design and craftsmanship that withstand the test of time. |