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Breast Augmentation Procedures and Results

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By Dr. Levi Young

What are the major differences between silicone and saline breast implants when they rupture?

Breast implants are a man-made product; this means that over many years, and with gradual wear and tear, a hole will develop in the shell of the implant. This is called an implant failure or rupture.

The newest generation of silicone breast implants are filled with a self-cohesive silicone gel during manufacturing. This means that if they rupture, they are not a gooey mess; rather, the silicone sticks to itself. This is where the term “gummy bear implant” came from.

If a saline implant ruptures, it will deflate, you will notice a flatness to that breast, and your body will absorb and urinate out the saline. Implant rupture is not a health concern, but it will be recommended by your surgeon that you either replace the implants or remove them all together.

Should my implant go in front of or behind my pectoral muscle?

At your surgical consultation, we will discuss your breast augmentation outcome goals. Implant safety, size, shape, such as natural versus round, incision placement and implant placement are the main focal points.

An implant placed behind your muscle (subpectoral) will give a more natural slope and fullness to the breast. More of your natural breast tissue as well as the muscle will be covering the implant. While this implant placement is a little more uncomfortable, it is still very tolerable for our patients with prescribed medications. It does take about six months to reach your final shape and softness with this approach.

An implant placed above your muscle (subglandular) will provide a very round and obvious look to the breast. This is because there is less tissue covering the implant. This implant placement offers a final result in approximately six weeks, with less discomfort immediately after surgery.




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