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Be Confident with Beautiful Hair

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Q: How often should I wash my hair?

A: Upon consultation and review of scalp and hair condition, we always ask our guests how often they are shampooing. Every guest leads a different lifestyle, but for the most part we recommend a minimum of twice a week for most clients. On your shampoo days we encourage two shampoos. The first is to remove dirt, oils and product build-up while the second is for the deep cleansing to allow your recommended shampoo to work its magic. It is important to make sure you are getting your scalp clean by using your fingertips or a shampoo brush for a healthier scalp. Follow with the recommended conditioner to mid-length and ends first, then brush through with a wet brush or wide-tooth comb for even distribution. To keep your hair fresh in between, we suggest dry shampoo for your roots while replenishing your ends with an oil, dry conditioner or balm prescribed by your stylist. This will allow your style to stay full and healthy looking. It’s essential to replenish mid-length and ends because, like your skin, hair loses moisture throughout the day and evening. We recommend oil such as Surface Bassu oil morning and evening as part of your routine.

Q: How often should I get a haircut?

Depending on your style, every six to eight weeks is most popular for all hair types. Hair grows at different rates for individuals depending on age, lifestyle, health and other factors. Our guests with hair above shoulders and shorter are encouraged to reschedule every three to four weeks to maintain style. If your hair falls below the shoulders to mid length, that is the popular six to eight weeks. Hair that is longer than mid back with proper care can maintain ten to twelve weeks. For our guests who want to grow their hair longer, it is still recommended to maintain trims to dust off the ends to keep the hair fresh of dry, split ends. You may think that not cutting your hair will allow it to grow longer. The fact is, between the elements, hot tools or improper care, your hair will grow unevenly or become depleted and split ends will thin out your hair, making it shorter. This will cause you to need more than a trim. So, maintain your locks on a regular basis so every day is a good hair day.

By Jules Moore

Jules Moore, owner and stylist of Jules & Zoa Statement Style Salon, knows that the profession of a stylist can be very intimate. While getting up close and personal on a physical level, the stylists at Jules & Zoa make every client comfortable enough to share insecurities and work to help minimize their worries. Collectively as a team, we strive to bring out your best self. It is our goal to help you feel welcomed and loved so we can best help you feel confidently beautiful.